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Hi 🖐
My friends call me Ah Mao. Yea that mean you can call me Ah Mao or MaoMao. 🙂

I’m the creator of this blog and glad you found me.


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About MaoMao

maomaochia maomao malchia

🧑 I’m a 90’s guy from Malaysia, guess what? I’m not Malay, i’m a Chinese.

🚑 My life is a bit worse which i screw up many things. Real story.

🛫 But I’m still the same with many people like to traveling the world.

💼 However, in real life i’m a Workaholic, why?

Because this is how i can travel without worry about money 💸 (actually that is just one of the reason).

The most reason is i found my patience from the work and i believe it could get me financial freedom from a degree finance prospect.

You: ermm, how’d you do it?

It’s Magic✨ …(alright, seriously now) actually all of this begin with my first WordPress Website (and i believe you could learn something from it).


Grow from Beginner to Expert, A WordPress Developer.

I love internet and computer so much since i was child.

I even wondering about making money on the Internet and get me financial freedom.

But real life isn’t as easy as you thought. I’ve fail so much time and learned from the failure.

At the first time I know about WordPress, I was attracted by it. I love it and i want to explore more about it. Since then I start learn to code, develop and design many website.

Website I build: Personal resume site, some other portfolio

I provide Web Development service for people in town, after that i upload my services in fiverr and get order from there, eventually make some money from fiverr.


The work

WordPress Website Development

I provide website development service for client worldwide.

Every client have their own need. I’d follow up with client in every steps to make sure they get what they want.

The solution include: Business Website, E-Commerce, Affiliate Website, Personal Blog And Custom.

My Design:

📱  Mobile Responsive

💻 In-page SEO Optimize

🙎  User Recognization

🌐  Multilingual Support

I’d accept micro project, in case people have stuck in some step. Some project need me to do design and layout, some may need help for CSS issue.


Start Blogging – Tutorial of Build a Website.

In 2018, I finally joining in to blogging industry. I want to share my little knowledge to everyone in the world through the internet.

I understand not everybody have enough budget to find a designer or web developer to build them a website as company tend to profiteering on it.

However, create a website is not as hard as people think. Nowadays, there are many tools and resource available to help us make a website easily. You can also find many tutorials related to website solution here.

This is the story:How I Save $2,500 from Design Company and DIY A Website Myself Only $141.

I care about how people can more easily learn from my tutorial, screenshot is compulsory attached to help readers better understanding and lead them in the learning journey.


It’s not the end.. story generating..



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