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Best Fixed Deposit Malaysia * All Banking Fixed Deposit Rate Malaysia

Best Fixed Deposit Malaysia * All Banking Fixed Deposit Rate Malaysia

Best Fixed Deposit Malaysia

All You Need to Know About Fixed Deposits

You have heard this term many times by now – fixed deposit accounts. When you log in to your online bank accounts and explore the options that your bank has for you, you see it there. When you look for bank account types with the highest interest rates, it’s there. Before we go to the deep part, in order to maximise the Interest revenue, you may need to Choose and Open the Best Saving Account Interest Rates in Malaysia.

However, fixed deposit accounts earn a higher interest rate than your everyday savings account, making it an option for passive income generation. So, what exactly is a fixed deposit account?


What is a Fixed Deposit Account?

A fixed deposit account, otherwise referred to as an FD account, is a bank investment or savings account which gives you a guaranteed return amount based on how much you deposit and how long you want to keep the amount deposited in your FD account.

Let’s look at the phrase ‘fixed deposit’. Fixed means stable, and not susceptible to changing. Deposits, in banking and financial terms, just means the amount of money that you are putting into the bank. So, just put these two words together and you would already have a rough idea of what a fixed deposit account is all about.  


Why are Fixed Deposit Accounts So Popular?

You can think of fixed deposits as your first-time investment, and a safe one at that too! Fixed deposit accounts are covered by government insurance in case anything happens to the bank and rewards the loyal bank customers.

Even better, this is one of the simplest passive income generator that you can ever get, and some of these accounts can even be created and managed fully online! Plus, with interest rates that much higher than normal savings accounts, what’s not to like about fixed deposits?


How does a Fixed Deposit Account Work?

Fixed deposits work this way – You choose an amount that you want to deposit into the bank, and how many months you want to deposit it for. The longer you store your deposit in the bank, the higher the interest rate will be. As such, the more you invest into your fixed deposit account, the more money you’ll get in return after the fixed deposit tenure you selected.

Yes, that’s the catch.

You need to ensure that you are not withdrawing or terminating your fixed deposit account before the completion of the term you selected.

As an example, let’s say that Bank A gives an interest rate of 4% per annum for a 12-month fixed saving tenure. Let’s also assume that the minimum amount you can deposit into a fixed deposit account is RM5000 for Bank A.

This means that when you save RM5000 into the Fixed Deposit Account for Bank A for 12 months – no withdrawing the money allowed within the 6 months – you are entitled to a 4% per annum (p.a.) interest rate.

So, after a year, you will gain 4% from your initial deposit rate – which is 0.04 * RM5000. That’s an extra RM200 in your bank account by the end of your fixed deposit term. So, when the 12 months are up, you will have RM5200 in your bank account, just by leaving the money in your bank.


How Do Fixed Deposit Accounts Work for Less Than 1 Year Duration?

What about for a shorter term, let’s say 6 months, with the same RM5000 deposit?

Your interest rate could drop to about only 3.85% instead of 4%. Remember, the longer you invest your money in the bank, the higher the interest rate. Here’s how the calculations would work instead:

The interest you gained will be RM5000 * 0.0385 * (6 months / 12 months), which will be RM192.5 * 0.5. That’s RM96.25 gained for your fixed deposit account after the account maturation, which is after 6 months.

You might notice that the interest you gain is no longer just [Deposited Account * Interest Rate], but rather, there’s a time factor involved.

This is because the interest rate is calculated on a per annum or annual basis. Interest rates provided on bank information pages are always based on a p. a. basis, that is, how much interest you will gain in a year.

So, for any amount of months you are planning to save your fixed deposit amount for, just calculate it based on this formula:

[Fixed Deposit Amount * Interest Per Annum Rate * (No. of Months You Choose to Deposit / 12 Months)]

If we stick to the same RM5000 initial deposit amount but for 24 months instead, with an interest rate of 4.5% as an example, the formula will just look like this:

RM5000 * 0.045 * (24/12)

= RM5000 * 0.045 * 2

= RM450

Usually, the rates will already be displayed in the information page, and some banks would even have fixed deposit returns calculator for you in which you only need to enter the amount you want to invest and the number of months you want to invest.

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What Happens If I Withdraw My Fixed Deposit Investment Before My Term Ends?

Sometimes, we might need the money that we invested for fixed deposit before the end of the deposit term. It happens – something happens, and you need an emergency fund for vehicle repair, healthcare, a new laptop or any other needs.

In these scenarios, you will not get the full interest rate. As an example, if the rate interest rate for your 6-month fixed deposit term is 4%, but you have to withdraw your funds about 3 months into the fixed deposit term, here are a few actions that the bank can take:

Impose a penalty rate

You should be able to get a 4% deposit rate if you complete the term, but if you withdraw your funds early, the bank may impose a penalty rate of, let’s say, 2%. So, when you withdraw your funds, you can only get a 2% interest rate for the amount of money and time that you deposited for your fixed deposit account instead of 4%.

Impose an Agreement-break Cost

Opening a fixed deposit account with your money and agreed tenure is a form of agreement to the bank. Your bank may impose a one-time fee for when you break your agreement with the bank. The charges imposed on you will depend on the bank’s interest rate, the amount of money you deposited into your FD account and several other factors.

As such, it might be a wiser choice to stow away some emergency funds first, and only open a fixed deposit account when you are sure that you won’t be needing those extra funds.


What are the Minimum Requirements for Fixed Deposit Accounts?

Since fixed deposit accounts are popular choices, banks in Malaysia offer competitive advantages and rates for their who are willing to sign up for fixed deposit accounts with them.

The minimum deposit term that you can have with a bank for a fixed deposit account is for one month, and the longest that you can have is up to 5 years.

The minimum investment amount for durations between 1-3 months is usually steeper compared to the longer term deposits – such as those at 6 months or more. This means that you might need to invest a minimum of RM5000 for a 1-month deposit, but if you are getting a long-term fixed deposit account for 1 year, as an example, even RM1000 may be enough for you to open a fixed deposit account in the bank.

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Types of Fixed Deposit Investments in Malaysia

Now that you understand fixed deposit accounts and its terms better, you can choose the types of fixed deposit accounts that you would like to open for your chosen bank. In a later section, we will get to different bank’s fixed deposit account requirements and interest rates.


Short-Term Fixed Deposit Accounts

As the name suggests, short-term fixed deposit accounts are for durations up to 6 or 9 months. If you have at least RM10,000 ready, then you can open a one-month fixed deposit account in most banks in Malaysia already.

Usually, short-term fixed deposit investments are preferable since the user can obtain their money back after as little as one month, with a good amount of interest generated. There is also less worries about suddenly needing the invested funds back.


Long-Term Fixed Deposit Accounts

Honestly? These short-term, long-term stuff is all up to your own perception and how much value the deposited account holds for you. If you’re a billionaire, having a fixed-deposit account for RM5mil for 3 years can still seem like a short term deposit.

Anyways, long-term fixed deposit accounts typically refer to those that have a 12-month tenure or longer. For Malaysian banks, fixed deposit accounts can have tenures as long as 5 years. These accounts are good for generating higher interest rates as compared to short-term fixed deposit accounts.


Conventional Fixed Deposit Accounts

Whether it’s long-term or short-term fixed deposit accounts, as long as you are guaranteed a certain interest rate by the end of your fixed deposit tenure, then these are considered as the conventional fixed deposit accounts.

Ideally, you would want to sign up for conventional fixed deposit accounts since the bank has an agreement with you to provide you with the agreed interest rates. However, these accounts are for non-Muslims, since conventional fixed deposit accounts operates on interest-based profit or ‘riba’.


Islamic Fixed Deposit Accounts

These accounts are also known as a general investment account. Muslims who follow the Islamic laws and principles can open a long-term or short-term investment under these accounts.

These accounts follow the Islamic Shariah laws as stated in the Qur’an, and instead of earning profits in terms of interest rates like conventional accounts, users can earn gifts or ‘Hibah’ at the end of their tenure.

Difference between Conventional Fixed Deposit Accounts & Islamic General Investment Accounts

Generally speaking, these accounts are different based on their profit principles. However, we can also deep-dive into the differences between conventional fixed deposit accounts and Islamic general investment accounts as pointed out below.

Conventional Fixed Deposit AccountsIslamic General Investment Accounts
Operation is based on the country’s law and practices for banking and financesOperation is based on Shariah laws, otherwise known as the Islamic principles.
Maximizes on profits without restrictionsMaximizes on profits as per Shariah principles
“Riba” or interest principle is used, thus illegal for MuslimsUses “Hibah” principle instead, and is thus halal for Muslims
Does not use profit and loss sharing conceptUses profit and loss sharing concept
Profit is based on pre-agreed interest rate at the end of investment termProfit is based on pre-agreed profit sharing ratio.

How Does the Profit Sharing Ratio Work? 

As all the above content have pointed out, a conventional fixed deposit account works by increasing your interest rate margin when you increase the term or tenure of your deposits. So, a fixed deposit account of 1 month may earn you an interest rate (% p. a.) of 3.00%, while a 3-month tenure and 6-month tenure earns you 3.05% and 3.10% respectively.

Meanwhile, Islamic Bank General Investment Account will have a different profit sharing ratio for the same terms. Here’s an example of the profit sharing ratio for an Islamic bank.

Tenure (Months)Profit Sharing Ratio (Depositor : Bank)Profit Rate (% p.a.)

The profit sharing principle works just like the conventional fixed deposit principles that we have described above, except that the performance of the bank affects how much you can gain after your investment. 

Let’s say that the bank performs well and has some profits after your 3-month investment. Then, the profits will be split on a 53:47 ratio, based on a profit rate of 3.05% p.a.

A little more complicated than your conventional fixed deposit rates, we know, but that’s okay. We’ll slowly figure it out together. Meanwhile, let’s dive into the types of Islamic Fixed Deposit Accounts.


What are the Types of Islamic Fixed Deposits? 

Yes, there are several Islamic deposit options for Muslims! Here are three types that you can choose from for these accounts.


Mudharabah Deposits

When you invest your money under Mudharabah Deposits, such as in a Mudharabah General Investment Account (MGIA), you are allowing the bank manager, known as the Mudarib, to invest that amount of money in Shariah-compliant avenues. When the bank makes profit from these avenues, you will gain your investment returns in terms of monthly calculations, based on a pre-agreed profit sharing ratio.


Murabahah Deposits

These deposits do not involve money like your typical fixed deposits. Rather, they utilize buy-and-sell contracts for assets either between two parties (Bai Al-Enah) or among multiple parties (Tawwaruq or Commodity Murabahah). 

In a Bai Al-Enah Murabahah deposit, Shariah-compliant assets are exchanged, with exception to gold and silver. Meanwhile, in a Tawarruq Murabahah, halal commodities are deposited. The profits are already pre-determined for these deposits, and the returns may be paid immediately or on a pre-agreed basis for the deposit’s terms.


Wakalah Deposits

So, maybe you have a considerable amount of assets to deposit, but not so much for the skills or knowledge for how you can invest it. This is where a bank can serve as your financial agent, otherwise known as a Wakil, can help you. The wakil will manage and invest your assets in Shariah-compliant investments to give you some investment returns.

Fixed Deposit Rate Malaysia

Well, that should cover a good amount of base for knowledge and information on fixed deposit accounts! Now, let’s talk about the best fixed deposit investments and interests in Malaysia. Below, we will share with you types of fixed deposit accounts for each bank, the minimum deposit required, the interest rate and investment returns.

Most banks in Malaysia have similar rates for fixed deposit accounts, but they may differ slightly here and there. Let’s take a look at the fixed deposit rates and details by each banks below.


A Special High p.a. Saving

OCBC today open a Booster Account, which offering all new OCBC Booster Account holders an additional 0.25% p.a. in their savings account. When account holders maintain an account balance of at least RM30,000, they can enjoy a 3.25% p.a. While maintaining a balance of RM50,000 at 6 month, you will get 4.45% p.a. This special high rate make us cannot wait to tell all of you. If you got free money, just click on the website, and scroll to the bottom, enter your contact detail in the “Let’s get in touch” section, and you will be reached by OCBC customer service. They will tell you all the detail.



Public Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

Public bank provides 3 fixed deposit account options, which are PB PLUS, PB Golden 50 PLUS, and PB eFixed Deposit.

Public Bank PLUS Fixed Deposit Account

Can be opened by anyone, whether for business or personal use. 

Tenure1 to 12 Months13 Months and above
Minimum PlacementRM5,000 for 1 month, RM1,000 for longer termsRM1000
Interest rates3.20% to 3.35% p.a.Negotiable

Public Bank Golden 50 PLUS Fixed Deposit Account

Customized for senior citizens 50 years old and above. 

Tenure1 to 12 Months15 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM30,000RM10,000
Interest rates3.30% to 3.45% p.a.3.45% p.a.

Public Bank eFixed Deposit Account

Can be opened online via online Public Bank website as long as applicant is above 18 years old, already have a current or savings account, and have created their online bank account. 

Tenure1 Month – 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM1,000.00
Interest rates3.20% to 3.35% p.a.

CIMB Fixed Deposit Rate

CIMB provides 3 fixed deposit account options for its users, which are the Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit, Big Plus for 50 Plus, and Unfixed Deposit.

Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Protect your foreign currency from fluctuations with this account while still maintaining the ability to manage foreign currency transactions on a daily basis.

Tenure1 Day – 12 Months
Minimum PlacementRM10,000 equivalent of foreign currency
Interest ratesVaries depending on currency

Big Plus 50 Plus

Eligible for individuals aged 50 years old and above.

With this account, you can receive your fixed deposit interest payouts on a monthly basis. 

Partial withdrawal available, but only from a minimum of RM5,000 and in multiples of RM1,000 (minimum balance for FD account must be RM30,000, or the account needs to be uplifted and closed). 

Tenure15 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM30,000
Interest rates3.35% to 3.65% p.a.

Unfixed Deposit

Make partial withdrawals even while your balance continue to generate interest rates. You can withdraw in multiples of RM1,000. This account type’s benefits and interest rates also extends to Fixed Return Income account-i (FRIA-i).

Tenure1 Month to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM1,000
Interest rates3.20% to 3.65% p.a.

OCBC Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

OCBC offers just one type of fixed deposit account on their website, although it has comprehensive solutions within it.

OCBC Bank Fixed Deposit Account

Individuals can choose to deposit either in MYR or foreign currencies. Foreign currencies can be invested in different periods up to 12 months only. 

Tenure1 Month2 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM1,000. Amount varies for foreign currencies.
Interest rates2.9% p.a.2.90% to 3.35% p.a.

It is worth noting that when you invest more than RM10,000 in your OCBC FD account for 6 or 12 months, you can enjoy a promotional interest rate of 3.85% and 4.15% respectively.


Maybank Fixed Deposit Rate

Maybank has three fixed deposit account options, although they are quite similar to each other. These accounts mostly differ only in their accessibility and whether they are deemed halal for Muslim customers. These accounts are Maybank Fixed Deposit Account, Maybank eFixed Deposit Account and Maybank Islamic Fixed Deposit-i Account.

Maybank Fixed Deposit Account

Your typical fixed deposit account with nothing complicated. 

Tenure1 Month2 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM1,000. 
Interest rates3.15% p.a.3.15% to 3.60% p.a.

Maybank eFixed Deposit Account

As the name suggests, you can open this account online and earn higher interest rates as compared to saving accounts. Partial withdrawals are not available, but you can modify your FD details online.

Tenure1 Month2 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM1,000. 
Interest rates3.15% p.a.3.15% to 3.60% p.a.

Maybank Islamic Fixed Deposit-i Account

Islamic term deposits for this account is based on Shariah concept of Commodity Murabahah (cost-plus-sale) with Shariah-compliant assets.

Tenure1 Month2 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM1,000. 
Interest rates3.15% p.a.3.15% to 3.60% p.a.

Affin Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

Affin Bank provides three types of fixed deposit accounts. Aside from Affin Bank Fixed Deposit Account and Affin Islamic Term Deposit-i, this bank also provides a separate fixed deposit account that caters only to foreign currencies, aptly named the Affin Bank Foreign Currency Account.

Affin Bank Fixed Deposit Account

Affin Bank offers a lower minimum initial deposit placement, standing at only RM500 for placements of 2 months and above. The interest rate for 12 months and above is also exceptionally high at 4.40% p.a.

Tenure1 Month2 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM500
Interest rates3.25% p.a.3.25% to 4.40% p.a.

Affin Bank Foreign Fixed Deposit Account

To open this FD account, you first need to have a foreign current account in Affin Bank. The interest rates are not shared on the website.

Tenure1 Week1, 3, 6, or 9 Month(s)1 Year
Minimum PlacementUSD3,000 or equivalentUSD3,000 or equivalentUSD3,000 or equivalent
Interest ratesUnknownUnknownUnknown

Affin Bank Islamic Term Deposit-i Account

This bank account is based on Shariah concept of Wakalah with an underlying Commodity Murabahah. 

Tenure1 Month2 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM500
Interest Rates3.25% p.a.3.25% to 4.40% p.a.

HSBC Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

HSBC Bank has only one type of fixed deposit account, which is the HSBC Time Deposit Account. 

HSBC Time Deposit Account

HSBC Time Deposit allows interest to be credited into your account every 6 months at or after 13 months tenure.

Tenure1 Month2 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM1000
Interest Rates2.90% p.a.2.90% to 4.15% p.a.

Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

Hong Leong Bank might be the one that provides the most options for their fixed deposit accounts, standing at a total of 6 types of fixed deposit accounts! These accounts are the Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit Account, Flexi FD Account, Senior Savers Flexi FD, Junior Fixed Deposit, e-Fixed Deposit and Foreign Fixed Deposit Account. That’s a lot, isn’t it? We sure think that it is! 

Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit Account

This conventional fixed deposit account allows you to opt for monthly interest payments once your FD placement reaches 6 months or above.

Tenure1 Month2 Months to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM500
Interest Rates3.00% p.a.3.00% to 3.10% p.a.

Hong Leong Bank Flexi FD Account

The interest you earn in this account is automatically credited back into your Flexi One Account on a monthly basis so that you can continue to earn more interests. However, you can only open this account for a 12-month term.

Tenure12 Months
Minimum PlacementRM10,000
Interest Rates3.25% p.a.

Hong Leong Bank Junior Fixed Deposit Account

You can open these accounts for children below 18 years old for placements between 1 year to 5 years. The interest will be calculated on a daily basis and credited into the Junior Savings Account on a monthly basis.

Tenure12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM1,000
Interest Rates3.25% p.a.

Hong Leong Bank Senior Savers Flexi FD Account

Individuals aged 50 years or above can open this account type, and they can also perform partial withdrawals in multiples of RM3,000.

Tenure12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM10,000
Interest Rates3.25% p.a.

Hong Leong Bank e-Fixed Deposit Account

Just like other fixed deposit accounts starting with a letter ‘e’, this fixed deposit account from Hong Leong Bank can be opened and closed online. Partial withdrawal available in multiples of RM1,000.

Tenure1 Month2 – 12 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000RM500
Interest Rates2.70% p.a.3.00% to 3.10% p.a.

Hong Leong Bank Foreign Deposit Account

Like several other foreign currency accounts shown on this site, the Hong Leong Bank Foreign Deposit Account calculates deposit rates starting from tenures as short as 1 week and above. 

Tenure1 Day – 1 Year
Minimum Placement1000 Units in Available Currencies
Interest RatesVaries depending on currencies

BSN Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

BSN Bank offers two fixed deposit account types, which are BSN Term Deposit and BSN Term Deposit Senior Citizen. By now, the names would already give you quite a clear clue on how different they might be.

BSN Term Deposit/-i Account

This account can be opened by Malaysians or PRs aged 7 or above. No need for junio accounts!

Tenure1 Month2 – 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM1,000RM500
Interest Rates3.20% p.a.3.00% to 3.10% p.a.

BSN Term Deposit/-i Senior Citizen Account

Malaysians aged 50 and above can open this account with tenures ranging between 12 months to 60 months. 

Tenure12 to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM5,000
Interest Rates3.55% to 3.60% p.a.

MBSB Bank Berhad Fixed Deposit Rate

This bank is formerly known as Asian Finance Bank Berhad (AFB). Now, it handles the Islamic banking portion of the company, regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. This bank offers two types of fixed deposit account, which is the MBSB Term Deposit-i Account and the MBSB Junior Term Deposit-i Account.

MBSB Bank Term Deposit-i Account

This account is based on the Tawarruq Shariah concept, and is eligible for individuals aged 18 and above. 

Tenure1 to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM500
Interest Rates3.35% to 4.35% p.a.

MBSB Bank Junior Term Deposit-i Account

This account can be opened by individuals aged 18 years old or below, but might require the account to be operated by a trustee.

Tenure1 to 60 Months
Minimum PlacementRM500
Interest Rates3.35% to 4.35% p.a.

Of course, there are many other banks that provide fixed deposits in Malaysia, but these are the top few that are used more often by Malaysians. Perhaps a little more noteworthy are the Affin Bank Fixed Deposit Accounts and the HSBC Advance Time Deposit account for their higher interests rates for long-term investments. What do you think? 

Fixed Deposit Promotion Malaysia

Sometimes, banks will offer promotions for their fixed deposit accounts, in which you can enjoy a higher investment return when you sign up at a certain period. 

Here are some of the ongoing fixed deposit account promotions at time of writing. You can always go to the bank’s website to check out their current promotions if you want to find out more on the current and latest fixed deposit promotions and news!


CIMB Bank Fixed Deposit Promotion

3-Month Fixed Deposit/ Fixed Return Income Account-i

Campaign Period: 20 March 2019 – 30 June 2019

Get up to 5% p.a. Returns for your 3-month fixed deposit account when you sign up for these placements at any CIMB branch during the campaign period. 

Fixed Deposit (FD) / Fixed Return Income Account-i (FRIA-i)Current Account/-i or Savings Account/-i (CASA/-i) for 3 months earmarked
Minimum Placement AmountRM10,000RM10,000
Maximum Placement AmountRM500,000RM167,000
Maximum Placement Ratio31

OCBC Bank Fixed Deposit Promotion

Fixed Deposit/-i in your Premier Booster Account/-i 

Campaign Period: Until 30 June 2019

Get up to 6.08% p.a. Returns for your 3-month fixed deposit account when you place twice the amount of your investment in your FD/FD-i in your Premium Booster Account/-i.


Premier Booster Account/-iFixed Deposit/-i
Base Interest/Profit

0.50% p.a. 

Balances below RM200,000

6.08% p.a. When you place twice the amount of your savings in your FD account into your premier booster account up to a maximum of RM3 mil or half the premier booster account balance, whichever is lower.
3.35% p.a.

Balances of RM200,000 and above

3.50% p.a.

Balances of RM3 mil and above

3.80% p.a.

Balances of RM10 mil and above


HSBC Bank Fixed Deposit Promotion

HSBC Advance Time Deposit Promotion

Campaign Period: 11 April 2019 to 31 December 2019

Obtain up to 4.00% p.a. Interest rate for your 6-month Time Deposit Account. 

Minimum Placement AmountRM10,000
Maximum Placement AmountRM100,000

That’s all for the current ongoing promotions for fixed deposit accounts at time of writing! Do you have a fixed deposit account? If so, in which bank? Let us know about the banks that you think cater to your fixed deposit investment needs and why in the comments section below!

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