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BiGPAY, The Malaysia #1 BEST Wechat Wallet.

use bigpay with maomao

Good News for Travel Lover!

BIGPAY is now online! Do you love travel? But i do! I’ve visit Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan(actually just few country >< never mind). I think you should visit more country than me, if you are a travel lover. The problems is, every time i may have cash issues while traveling.

Sometimes, i buy too much souvenir in the end insufficient currency. Sometimes, i underestimate the trips budget again insufficient currency. Sometimes, i want to exchange for currency but the rate was too low. There is too many cash issues, and if you are a travel lover, you may at least have one of the problem.

BIGPAY Prepaid Master Card

When i know BIGPAY, the cash issues have solved. Today i want to introduce you with BIGPAY. BIGPAY is a prepaid card that under AirAsia that provide low-cost, fair and transparent financial services for everyone. With BIGPAY no booking fees you have to pay for while purchase a flight ticket in Airasia, you can also get exclusive discount for luggage add-on and flight meal. BIGPAY is free, no hidden cost, no yearly fees, you can still get big point to redeem many free stuffs.



BIGPAY have a 5 main features recently(future maybe more, who know), i can said this is Malaysia kind of wechat wallet. Any recently Wechat have launching their first oversea currency RM in wechat wallet(Chinese Writing), and wechat wallet is widely used in whole China. People in China don’t even need to bring their wallet, they just need to bring their smart phone and pay for everything using wechat wallet by scanning the qrcode. If Bigpay can become Malaysia first e-wallet, and of course i will giving full support. Now let’s see the features of Bigpay.




bigpay real exchange rate

While you using Bigpay in oversea payment, you will get the real exchange rate for the payment, that mean you can get the highest rate while paying other currency. And you can use Bigpay in anywhere in the world as long as the shop support for MasterCard payment.



bigpay trasfer money free maomaochia

Bigpay not only allow you to making payment or buy stuff, it also allow you to transfer money to your friends or family. The process is easy, instantly without any charging fees.



bigpay earn big point airasia

For any transaction you have made, your BigPay account will earn BIG points. Once you have accumulate to certain target, you can use it to redeem flight ticket or other gift.

  • Topup RM50 get 1 big points.
  • Spent every RM20 get 1 big points.



bigpay track expenses maomaochia

Worry about spending without record? Bigpay apps can track your expenses for every transaction you have made. Well categorize and analysis graph let you easy to check exactly how much you’ve spent.



bigpay airasia bigpay pointYou have one day earlier privilege to buy RM0 flight ticket. Every time you use Bigpay to buy a ticket, no booking fees you should pay(usually charges for RM16-RM24 booking fees), you will still get RM2 discount for all luggage add-on or flight meal.



  1. Download from play store/ apps store. Free RM10 using referral code【TWCIKG1MMS】.download bigpay
  2. Signup
  3. Fill in detail and referral code 【TWCIKG1MMS】.
  4. Verify identities
  5. Top-up and wait for receive Bigpay card.topup bigpay wallet
  6. Activate and receive RM10 from referral code 【TWCIKG1MMS】.
  7. Start using.free rm10 bigpay



  1. BIG PAY is a prepaid card, not a credit card or debit card, make sure you have sufficient balance in order to spent it, otherwise top-up.
  2. Go to BIGPAY apps, click on [topup] and you’re ready to use.
  3. Available to use in anywhere in the world, as long as the shop support Mastercard payment.
  4. BIGPAY can be use in real shop(brick and motor), you can also use it to buy anything online(online shopping).



  1. Go to your biypag app, on the top of front page, you will see upgrade to paywave, you need to invite 2 person in order to get the card.
  2. Once you have successfully invite 2 people activate their bigpay card, you are able to apply for bigpay paywave for free.
  3. Bigpay will send you the card as previous by deliver.
  4. During the time, your bigpay will be freeze (either app or card).
  5. Once you received your new paywave card, key in the CVV. Enjoy new bigpay paywave.

bigpay paywaveactivate bigpay card



    1. Joning Fee
      RM10 refundable upon a minimum top-up of RM20.
    2. Annual Fee
      Waived unconditionally
    3. Account Service Fee
      RM2.50 per month for inactive account where there is no card transaction in a particular month.
    4. ATM Withdrawal Fee
      Local: RM6 per transaction
      Overseas: RM10 per transaction or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher.
      (NOTE: For overseas, only RM10 will be charged until further notice.)
    5. Currency Conversion Fee
      (Applied when the purchase is effected in currencies other than Malaysian Ringgit.)
      1% + network charges
      (NOTE: Only charges by the network will be applied until further notice.)
    6. Cross-Border Transaction Fee
      (Applied when the purchase is through merchant acquired outside of Malaysia but charged in Ringgit Malaysia.)
      Waived until further notice
    7. Replacement Card Fee
      (Only applicable for Card replacement request made by Cardmember. Not applicable if due to defect of Chip or Card.)
      RM20 per Card
    8. Card Cancellation Fee: FREE
    9. Card to Card transfer fees: No
    10. Sales Draft Retrieval Fee: RM15


Problem: Activate Bigpay Card CVC incorrect

bigpay activate cvc incorrect

Most people face this problem, they receive their bigpay card, but when they want to activate by key in the CVC in the apps, a pop up show an incorrect enter. I’m also facing this problem, but don’t worry, i think this is because the card haven’t get ready to update in their server, just wait for few day and open the apps, key in the CVC again, you will find it will work.

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BIGPAY is really a good thing for the innovation of turn MasterCard into a prepaid card. The most brilliant part is one currency can be used in any country, auto convert to the country currency with the real exchange rate. That mean when you use BIGPAY card to spend oversea, you will get the best exchange rate without the fees. Like i go to thailand, the exchange rate in midvally money exchange was RM10=79.36baht, while in thailand money exchange rate was RM10=78.32baht only, but using BigPAY the rate is RM10=80.72baht!!!

Using Bigpay to spent can save more also earn big point, you can also earn big point from buying flight ticket, online shopping, brick and motor or anywhere support Mastercard, once you reach the point, you can use it to redeem flight ticket and more gift.

If you don’t mind, use my referal code 【TWCIKG1MMS】 to get FREE RM10. If you have any questions, please comment below or inbox me. Thank You

This articles is not Affiliate or promotion by BIGPAY, all writing and information are not represent by BIGPAY.


Rogemarie Angela Lazarte September 21, 2018 - 3:10 pm

Use my referral code to get 10RM at an instant! : )

elmo November 22, 2018 - 8:48 pm

What about online purchases? If you buy from foreign website store, do you need to convert MYR to foreign currency in e-wallet first OR just transact with MYR currency and it will auto convert for you?

maomao November 22, 2018 - 10:58 pm

It will automatically translated.


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