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How to buy Cheap Macbook Malaysia ? Apple Student Discount Apple Education Store

How to buy Cheap Macbook Malaysia ? Apple Student Discount Apple Education Store

How to Buy Cheap MacBook Malaysia ?

When we say “buy cheap MacBook in Malaysia” doesn’t mean that the which is a cheap product, but the price for the MacBook is cheaper than usual. As we all know, apple products always consider as “EXPENSIVE” product compare to other brand.

But how’s the quality ?

Erm.. here “the quality” mean product quality/product cost, the Cost-effective. This question have been fight for years and there’s no conclusion. But
 that is not point we want to discuss today!

I’m just fan boy of Apple and want to get cheaper Expensive Apple [email protected]#$%^

So I research, compare price and all other factors, and finally I found there’s a best way to buy cheap MacBook Malaysia which is directly from Apple official website. The reason why we should buy from Apple official website:

  1. Macbook was a Apple product. Bought it directly from the owner obviously much secure.
  2. What is the cost for a website? Internet? Buy in brick and motor are always the higher cost because they still need to pay for rental and other expenses.
  3. You can see many “Premium Reseller” in Malaysia. Buy with middleman of course more expensive, because they need to sell higher with a profit.
  4. Special discount from Apple education store to get a student discount price, which is much lower that ever.
  5. Extra Specs available. You can add-on 16GB ram, i7 processor, 1TB SSD, language keyboard and more right here in website, and you could only get normal specification in retailer shop.

The above simple 5 point could easily convince us to get Apple product either iPhone or MacBook from Official Apple Website. Such an expensive product, the security of purchasing and guaranteed is much important for buyer.


Apple Student Discount Malaysia

How to get Apple student discount Malaysia ? Right here, I will show you how to get an Apple student discount price in Malaysia.


Go to Apple Website

Apple official website Malaysia

The very first step of course we have to go to Apple official website. (www.apple.com) Once you access you can see continue in Malaysia.


Shop for University

Apple Student Discount Malaysia

After click on the Continue button, scroll to the bottom and find category For Education go to [Shop for University].

Now you will go to a page which you can see many apple product, including iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad and more. Today we gonna get a MacBook Pro, so just click on the MacBook Pro.

Page redirect to MacBook Pro, here allow you to choose a 13-inch or 15-inch Macbook.


Choose a Macbook


Macbook Malaysia Student Price

Before choosing, let’s compare the price with/without student price. Different country have different pricing, in Malaysia is slightly expensive. Apple offer MacBook Malaysia student price only RM5706, and if you get it normal price was RM5932, which can save you RM200++.

Macbook Malaysia Student Price

If you get 15-inch MacBook Pro, you can get RM9834 for student price, and if you get it normal price was RM10495, which can save you RM600+_. The more expensive product, the more discount you can get from Apple Student discount deal.

MacBook Pro 15 Malaysia Student Price


Customize your Mac


Get in Macbook Pro online in Malaysia

Here I get the RM7430 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Now you may see there are a lot of options for you to customise the specs or power up your MacBook Pro.

Get in Macbook Pro online in Malaysia

MacBook processor from i5 to i7

It allow you to upgrade your MacBook processor from i5 to i7, upgrade cost RM1188 extra. Then how to your the processor right for you?

  1. If you want to use your MacBook for high quality video editing, then upgrade can make the editing performance better.
  2. The downside is i7 more battery consume, if you prefer longer sustainable usage time, then i5 is better.


MacBook Pro ram

You can also increase your Ram from 8 GB to 16 GB, it cost RM792. For higher ram, it mean your MacBook got more memory to open up more apps. It’s great for if you like to open many thing then upgrade would be a great options.

Storage default is 256GB. But you don’t have to worry because when I get my MacBook Pro it have still 220GB free space, that mean the system itself only take about 35GB, unlike windows pc it took 100+GB for system. If you think you will keep many things like video, picture and also you have the budget, then you can probably upgrade.
storage 2tb ssd

MacBook Pro keyboard

Keyboard Language is your MacBook Pro hardware keyboard, the surface you can choose your preferred language. If you choose English, then it will just like normal keyboard A-Z. If you choose Chinese pinyin then maybe the keyboard will have some Chinese pinyin attributes.

education pre-installed software

Pre-installed software, this is some Microsoft word or other studying software. If you like then you may add-on, cost is RM899. Normally we don’t get it.

I add-on the Ram to 16GB because I like to open many software, so the final cost was RM8222. You can also choose the delivery date by type in your address, it will show an estimate date.


Add-on Accessories 

After you [add to bag], there are Apple care for you to add-on. Normal Apple care come for one years warranty protection, which mean within the one year warranty, if your MacBook got damage, Apple will take care of it. Extent to 3 year is RM810.

apple care Malaysia

More over, you can also see other USB cable port, casing or Magic Mouse.

apple product


Prepare for Payment 

After that you can continue checkout, and here’s how it look like. You can add a small Gift message for it. But don’t be surprise it’s just show upon the A4 printing shipping receipt. Have fun!


buy cheap MacBook Pro Malaysia

Key in your Shipping address and payment detail, that is all need to make sure the to complete the payment and product to be shipped right to your place.

Tick the little term and condition and process [Continue]. You’re successfully buy MacBook Pro Online in Malaysia.

This is the whole experience and things to know of buy cheap MacBook Online in Malaysia. I wish it help to you find the way to get your own Apple products.

Other than this, some country buy MacBook can get a free Beats Earphone, for more detail you can also checkout my last article, written in Chinese but you can directly translate to your preferred language from the build in google translate.

I will also share about how’s the feel when first hand in and some explore in the next article. Stay TUNE!


Apple Store Malaysia

Looking for Apple Store Malaysia? Almost every big city got Apple reseller store, so just got one nearest to your place. Go and feel the products and get in Online. Best deal!


Apple Education Store Malaysia Verification

It is weird for the Apple Education plan, because I walk thru all the purchasing steps, there’s no need to do any verification or proof of student to get this offer, and I just got the discount by simple choosing Apple education store. So Apple education store Malaysia verification is just a prank! There is verification free in Malaysia, but it required in other country like US. So, this is really a big advantage to buy MacBook Pro or Apple product in Malaysia thru Apple website.

If you consider buying a MacBook Pro recently, you can consider this methods and just for your information. I hope it helped. If you think this is a good methods, please do share with you friend, because they need it!


Dibs June 18, 2019 - 5:38 am

hi . i want to ask can you use debit card to make a purchase at the store?

MAL CHIA June 20, 2019 - 9:49 pm

Yes of course you can use debit card

usman October 6, 2019 - 9:56 pm

hi..do we need to verify that we are students?

MAL CHIA October 18, 2019 - 10:27 am

Hi usman, you don’t need to verify as a students. Just follow the step I have done.


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