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What is the Difference Between Social Media Manager and Community Manager?

by Guest Contribution
What is the Difference Between Social Media Manager and Community Manager?

Quick Quiz: When it comes to your social media presence, what plays a crucial role?

Is it your followers? The users you have targeted your attention to? The people who share your products?

The truth is, all the people above do matter. So, what is the proof that people who work behind the scheme are the actual game-changers?

Just think of it, social media is now the ÔÇťgo-toÔÇŁ platform for customer care, brand creation and content development for businesses today. There is a good reason you should prioritize your businessÔÇÖ social accounts and keep them updated. Consequently, community and social media managers are crucial to your brandÔÇÖs social media marketing campaigns.

Most people misunderstand that community managers and social media managers mean the same, yet their roles and responsibilities are totally different. In fact, here at Traffic Radius we regard the two roles are totally different. To elaborate, clearly on these vital tasks, we talked to our competent social media manager as well as our able community manager to better understand the scope of their roles, functions and their word of advice for others.


What is the difference between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager?

The role of social media manager is to represent and maintain the brand of the company on social media.

Being the brand, social media manager creates content, crafts copies of the same for posting across different platforms, answers questions, responds to comments and much more. They, in most cases, deal with customers who are already aware of or, at least, have heard about your brand.

The social manager is sort of the person behind the scenes. When there are discussions on your brand or when people talk about your brand, social media manager will ask and respond to the questions promptly.

Community manager promotes a brand across social media channels. The professional assumes the role of a social persona and proceed to connect with all the potential users online as they advocate for the brand fiercely, without making it look dubious. Community managers normally deal with the users who may or may not have heard about the business and make an effort to create brand awareness.

That is the difference. So, while the two roles may appear identical, community managers represent the brand they are promoting while social media managers basically act as the brand themselves.


Job Descriptions

We searched for keywords specific to the job description of the two roles on Linkedln. Words like engage and grow feature more prominently on community manager as opposed to the social media manager. This shows that most of the former professionals are tasked with engaging new prospects so as to expand the whole brand community.

Community managers must have strong communication and networking skills. Maintaining the voice and persona of the company may appear simple but in reality, it is easier said than done.

The skill set of a community manager is very specific and the responsibility requires them to pay keen attention to all the aspects of the customer and client communication.



The roles of both community and social media managers are very important, yet easily overlooked by many businesses. Understanding the difference between these two roles is extremely important regardless of whether you are trying to hire for the two roles or you are considering venturing into this lucrative field.

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About the Author

Sam Makwana is VP Marketing at Traffic Radius. He is a passionate digital marketer with a creative and analytical mindset. His skill lies in adopting a holistic approach and designing SEO solutions based on the latest marketing trends and web paradigms.

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