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Home English Articles Earn Money Online Malaysia Extra Side Income Ideas [Proved]

Earn Money Online Malaysia Extra Side Income Ideas [Proved]

Earn Money Online Malaysia Extra Side Income Ideas [Proved]

Earn Money Online Malaysia Extra Side Income Ideas

Are you looking for way to earn money online in Malaysia? Here are some side income ideas that are proved to make money myself. The way to make money is a lot, but i suggest you to choose one of the way that suit of you. Focus on one way only can maximize the earning, because some ideas are time consuming, you have to input more time to see the return.

Quick ideas.

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Extra Side Income Ideas Malaysia

As i say, idea is a lot, new idea to make money come out every second, but how much time and effort you have to put in ? So, this article is not going to boom creative new ideas, but instead provide little conservative ideas that PROVED everyone of you can make money.

Sell Products

Did you brought a product online? I think you must. Even my parent also order product in Facebook. So, selling product is one of the fastest way and tendency to earn money or make extra side income online in Malaysia.

The question you may have is “What product should i sell?”. Right?

Find out the purpose before looking for product. Do you have budget? What can you do? Are you want to do it for long term?

For example, if you have some budget and you are good in gift packaging, also consider to make it as a business. Then you may selling packaging service, customize gift box or something like that. So after that you may buildup your own brand.

If you just aim for short term purpose, then you may find the current hottest product and promote it through Facebook. You can join different racial group, if you find Chinese group hot product, then you may resell it on Malay group. Because the product you saw is already boom (you are late), if you still selling it on the same target it won’t go viral (people already know). Different racial got different hot product, so when you resell on other target group, your product is NEW is HOT. You are the first to sell, your competitor is less so it can actually works.

Another way is help people purchases. If you’re traveling outstation, you can help people buy the product that cannot easily bought in town. Also, China have a wide range of product and it’s cheap. If you can help people order product from China online market Taobao, then you can make money from it.



If you like to take photo, and you can shoot photo that look beautiful and nice, then you can sell/monetize for donation your photo on some free stock image website. No camera? No problem!

Shutterstock website allow you to sell your image as a price, but your photo must be extremely high quality, otherwise people can find similar photo in the internet for free. Signup as a Contributor, and make money every time your content is downloaded by one of the worldwide customers.

If you don’t have a camera, you still can take photo by using your smart phone. Nowadays, smartphone can take very nice photo, just do some editing, your image will be look professional. Pixabay allow you to add a donation box (paypal), just upload your image to free stock image website, if people appreciate your work, they will do donation.


Start a blog

If you love writing, then start a blog might be a good options as a part time job. You can choose a niche topic which you’re interested and focus to write related articles for the area.

Use social media to share your article to make them go viral. After a while, business in the niche will be noticed from your writing service and come to you.

Don’t use free blogging platform, because the website is not own by yourself. If the platform want to delete your content, you have no control on it. Also, building a blog is not that expensive. The whole thing cost you as low as 4 US dollar a months, which is less than a Starbucks coffee!

Building your own blog is not difficult as you think, even not a tech savvy also can do it themselves. I also share my experience of “How i build my first website with only $141” in previous article. You can learn from there if you like.


Make Money Without Investment

Even without money investment, you still can make money. But it’s depend on you, if you’re willing to do, there are many way to make money.

Write for Blog

Some platform or big blog allow people to write article for them and pay for money as a return. But of course got requirement, the article must be original, pass plagiarism and proper writing. Luckily, Maomaochia also open for Malaysian to do article contribution. If contribute as a paid contributor, you will get pay from each article count by words.

Who interested to signup as a contributor, kindly email to [email protected]


Part Time Jobs

This is quite traditional way to make quick money. If you urgent on cash, you can do a part time jobs. If you’re a student, it’s fine. Because they don’t mind a student to work for them also the time will be suitable for you because it’s normally in weekends.

If you are plan to work for a medium term. You can find the jobs in shopping mall retail shop. Like you know music, then you can ask for a vacancy in music shop. They might need a part time admin or reception position.


Provide Service You Can Do

Tell yourself, what can i do? Dance? Photo Editing? Writing? Coding? Or you have a nice voice or beautiful face? You can provide everything you are good in for people and turn it into money. Cool right?

Introducing Fiverr a marketplace for lean entrepreneurs. You can create a gig on fiverr and waiting for client to buy your gig. If you’re a student, this is a best way to make money online. Also, you don’t have to invest anything on it, just sell what you do best for people.


Be a tutor

Are you a top student? If not never mind, you must be good at something. For example: you can play guitar, then you can start become a private guitar tutor by teaching people how to play guitar. You can charge for a Fee around RM90 per month in Kuala Lumpur area. Don’t worry about your skill, you can teach beginner, and most people who need a couch are beginner.

If you can teach English, Chinese, Malay or mathematics also great. If you’re high school student, you can teach a primary school student; if you are a college student then you can teach high school student. Promote your tuition course on Facebook group or print some brochure. So, there are way to make money, just whether you want to do or not.


Drive For Grab

How old are you? 18? Got car? Can drive? Okay, then you can start drive your car to make money. You can signup for grab driver part-time or full-time. Use your free time to drive and it can make quite a lot of money. If you drive 2 days a week (let’s say Saturday and Sunday), you can earn around RM2,000 a month. As a part time job, this is quite good especially for a student.


Start Youtube Channel

What’s up guy! This is XXX
LOL. Who said start a YouTube channel must be “Red People” or “Youtuber” ? You can start a YouTube channel that behind the scene. It’s up to what’s the content you provide and how you want to promote it. You can do it and nobody know you are the author.

You can create the video that you are interested. For example if you like to play game, then you can make your game play as video. Or if you can play EDM, then you can upload your EDM music to YouTube. There are so many types of content that allow you to do, just make sure you like it. If you don’t like the thing you do, it won’t last long, and you’re just wasting your time.

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