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Great ways to optimize your WordPress Blog

by Guest Contribution
Great ways to optimize your Wordpress Blog

Great ways to optimize your WordPress Blog

Operating a WordPress blog may seem easy and setting it up certainly is, but driving traffic to it is another matter entirely. To attract users to your site, you’ll have to optimize your blog to be SEO friendly, but that doesn’t necessarily require hiring a professional. By making a few tweaks to your blog, you’ll improve your chances of ranking higher in search results and attracting more users overall. In fact, if you incorporate these suggestions into your blog, you may be able to increase your reach without resorting to paid advertising. 

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Pick the Right Hosting Service 

Many people don’t realize that the loading speed for your page is also a determining factor in how Google ranks pages. If your site takes more than 1.5 seconds to load, it’s taking too long. If you’re determined to stay with your current hosting service, contact their support department and ask why your site is loading too slowly. They may tell you that your blog hit the allocated resource limits, or they may not be able to give you an answer. 

If the latter is true, it may be time to look for a better service. In doing this, it’s a mistake to rely on a top 10 list, because these lists are typically biased. The list creator will give top preference to the hosting companies willing to pay for a good rating. Instead, look for user reviews from real customers. This will give you the best insight into performance and customer service quality.

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Change the Default Permalink 

By default, WordPress uses a default permalink that includes ?p=[id], but this can harm you in a couple of ways. First, it’s not unique, so Google and other search engines won’t rank it high, if at all. Secondly, neglecting to customize your permalink causes you to lose the opportunity to add important keywords. The solution is to opt for a text-based permalink, which allows you to add your own customizations. Making use of a yourdomain.com/year/month/post-name/ formula is probably the best option for your blog post permalinks. 


An .xml Sitemap Plugin Helps Google Rank Your Site 

Before a website can be ranked and listed in search engine results, the search engine crawls, or searches, your site. For this reason, you want to make access to the various pages on your blog easily accessible. Installing a comprehensive .xml sitemap plugin is ideal to accomplish this, because it helps Google find relevant content in your blog more easily. Helping Google crawl your site faster means your blog will be ranked higher in search results. 


Install an SEO Plugin 

If you’re not well-versed in SEO tactics and trends, making use of the plugins offered by WordPress is essential. Even if you do know your stuff, the right plugin can do much of the work for you, freeing up time and resources. Once you install an SEO plugin, it will automatically make many of the tweaks you would otherwise have to implement manually. 

By way of an example, you should ensure the rel=”canonical” tag is enabled. This one feature is essential, because it helps Google differentiate between your original content and similar content on other WordPress blogs. Pages that seem to be duplicates of one another won’t rank well, so enacting this feature will help your posts stand out as original content.

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Tell Google Not to Follow Irrelevant Content 

While adding relevant links to your blog posts can help your Google ranking, irrelevant links can have the opposite effect. Fortunately, there’s also a tweak to help you in this department. By adding a rel=”nofollow” tags to certain hyperlinks on your page, you’re telling search engines not to link to that page. In other words, you’re saying you do not guarantee the reliability or relevance of the linked page. This is useful for links to advertisers, who are promoting products that aren’t directly related to the content on your page. 


Speed Up Your Website’s Load Times 

Another useful trick is to install a caching plugin. A caching plugin helps to speed up the load time of your website’s pages, while also taking the weight off of your web server. In addition to storing static and dynamic web page content, some caching plugins also feature browser, database, object, and web page caching. All of this works to speed up load times, which will improve your ranking with Google and other search engines. 

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Activate the Akismet Feature 

Most WordPress users don’t activate this useful tool, even though their WordPress site comes equipped with it. Once you initialize it and enable it to function on your blog, it will prove useful in eliminating spam comments from your blog posts. This is important, because legitimate users are often put off by spam comments. A comment about free Viagra on a post about bowling tips is going to be a distraction and it’s going to look as though you don’t moderate your site. More importantly, Google punishes sites with spam comments, so you can expect these comments to inhibit your ability to appear in the top search results. 

There are many more tweaks you can make to help your blog perform better. A little research and some online tutorials can help you find more useful changes to implement. While this may require an investment of time, it will pay off as you begin to see an uptick in your page views. After all, there’s no point in having your WordPress blog, if users aren’t finding it. 

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