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How I become a Designer and Web Developer In Malaysia

How I become a Designer and Web Developer In Malaysia

From my previous article My Worst Life Experience which have been talked about my failure, and you can see my life is WORST! I fail so many time, no matter studying, entrepreneurship or working. But i know all these little tiny wrong things or mistake i have made, can make a better of me in the future.


How I become a Designer and Web Developer In Malaysia ?

Everything start from the first time i get to know about ā€œWebsiteā€œ. Iā€™m interested and addicted on develop or design a beautiful website. I bought a domain and play around css, javescript, jQuery and more. Iā€™m from a ā€œwhat is domain?ā€ noob until i can make money from that. After i choose to leaveĀ (previous story here), i begin to start my own career related to this area. I start provide my website development and design services to many client all around the world. Beside that, i also share my experience and trick thru my blog.

In the beginning, i provide service in Fiverr. My services including photo editing, Photoshop, image creation, video slideshow and website development. My best sell services was my five dollar image creation gig, which attract many company all around the world to buy this service. I post more services after a while, and my website development service was about 80% of the total revenue in Fiverr. My client come from America, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore,Ā Venice, China and more, which is about 8% dominated of the world.

All i know about designing or developing a website at the beginning is just build out the structure and put in the content. But after that, i feel that the website i build just look normal, and sometimes i feel it ugly. So i start doing renovation and make it extremely customized.

After a period of time, one people tell me that ā€œi donā€™t know how to use your websiteā€. Then only i know that my unique website only build for myself but not the visitor. And this time, from my past experience and other user feedback, i rebuild my website to classic style but sassy and look more beautiful with animation.

At the meanwhile, i start my personal blog. I start realize SEO is the more important thing for a website. Because no matter how beautiful of your website, if there have no visitors, what is the purpose of your writing?


SEO is a long-term Marketing

In order to attract more visitors to checkout your article, i found that search engine is a great promotion way for long-term marketing. That why your website SEO is the first important thing that can help you get visitor to your website.

But SEO is not as easy as what you thought. Which including on-site optimisation ( speed, coding friendly and more ) and off-site improvement ( backlinking, social signal and more ).

Finally, I renovate my website to more for SEO consideration. After this experience, I understand a good designer is not design for appearance but design for marketing. Which also include aesthetic sense, users experience, marketing psychology and more.

Due to the SEO success, i received more email from my blog, even recently the competition of website development is higher. If youā€™re Asian, you can see many advertisements in Facebook are promote about website development. In fact, a website is increasingly important for small and medium companies.


Use Website Reduce Facebook Ads Cost ā€“ Pixel

A business website is essential for Facebook ads because it can make your target more accurately and make your ads even cost efficient. But how? The answer is Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel can track people who browse your website and collect the information. Business owner can use these information and using lookalike to make find similar customer who are interested to your business or product. This can eventually save a lot of ads cost.

This is why website development is a whole new booming industry. Website development can be learned and that is not as hard as you thought. Many people even learn this to make big money. If you take some classes or find a mentor, you can catch up very quickly. In my blog, i also share my experience of how to build a website yourself, you can also find many related website development tutorial here.

If you have any questions, please comment below and i will get back to you asap. Thank You

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