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Home English Articles How to activate Maybank2u Online Banking – Open maybank2u account Online

How to activate Maybank2u Online Banking – Open maybank2u account Online

How to activate Maybank2u Online Banking - Maybank2u Online Register

If you are looking for guidance on how to register or activate your Maybank2U account, chances are that you have already created an account and retrieved your Maybank debit or credit cards. Here to show you how to open maybank2u account online.

If you haven’t, well, you should! After all, without opening a bank account and getting your debit / credit card, you will not be able to register on the bank’s online interface. 


Open maybank2u account

Step 1: Visit Maybank2U.com

In order to open maybank2u account, the first step should be visit Maybank2u.com.

How to activate Maybank2u Online Banking

Step 2: Click on ‘Open Account’ at the bottom of the screen.

After that, click open account to start open maybank2u account from the website.

Open Your Maybank Account Before You Register for Maybank2U Online

You will be brought to the screen shown above. Just select the fields that are the most relevant to you. In this example, we will be using the default fields give, which shows that the user is a student looking to open a savings account.

Once you are done with your selection, click ‘discover’ to see the bank account types that will suit your needs to continue
Maybank2u open account online.

Step 3: View and compare your choices

Here are few types for you to open maybank2u account including saving account, Kawanku saving account and more.

Open Your Maybank Account Before You Register for Maybank2U Online

The next screen that comes up after you click on ‘Discover’ will show you the types of accounts that you can apply for. Scroll downwards and you will see more information.

Step 4: Click on ‘Discover’ for any account types that you may be interested in.

Open Your Maybank Account Before You Register for Maybank2U Online

Yes, just click on ‘discover’ under the images of the account types to find more information for the bank. Let’s take the first account choice, Kawanku Savings Account as our example.

Step 5: Note the requirements to Maybank2u open account online.

open maybank2u

To open maybank2u account, there are minimum deposit requirement. In the example account that we chose, the Kawanku Savings Account, the initial deposit is either RM50 or RM250, depending on whether or not you have a letter of employment. Keep scrolling down and reading to find more information about this account.

open maybank2u

When you scroll downwards, you will find the ‘How to Apply’ section. As it is with other Maybank accounts, you only need to bring either your identity card or your passport to open this account. Of course, you will also need the initial deposit amount stated in the account information page to get started.

Step 6: Visit your nearest Maybank branch and follow the staff’s instructions to get your Maybank account set up! 

Now, you have complete open maybank2u account. Maybank is the top bank in Malaysia. However, you may want to find and Open the Best Saving Account Interest Rates in Malaysia. If you like to earn more from Fixed deposit, check out the Best FD in Malaysia * All Banking Fixed Deposit Rate Malaysia.


How to activate Maybank2U Online Banking

So, now that we have the basic account opening methods out of the way, we can proceed to register Maybank2U online. 

After you have opened your account in Maybank, you will have these two key items / information:

  1. Your debit / credit card 
  2. Your ATM 6-digit PIN. 

Keep your phone with you for this! You are going to have an SMS coming through in a bit. So, let’s activate your Maybank2U online banking sevices!

Step 1: Go to Maybank2U.

Maybank2u Online Register

Step 2: Click on ‘Register Now’ on the top right corner of the screen.

Maybank2u Online Register

Here’s where you can key in the digits for your card! Just copy the digits on the front of your card into the first form item. Then, key in your 6-digit ATM PIN. 

Also, click on the small checkbox at the bottom that says ‘I agree with the Terms & Conditions’. You are free to click on the phrase ‘Terms & Conditions’ to read everything you are agreeing to by opening a Maybank2U account if you really want to do that.

Step 3: Enter your future log in details.

Maybank2u Online Register

In other words, create your profile. Here, there will be 4 areas that you need to fill in before you click on the ‘Request on TAC’ button.

  1. Username – Key in a username that you can easily remember. As an example, you can put it in a ‘Name-Year-MY’ format, such as ‘Cindy92MY’, or you can put your entire full name if you wish so. 
  2. Password – Key in a strong password combination. This means no ‘abc123’ or ‘password’ or ‘1234567890’. Choose a password with unique combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols such as [email protected]#$% or any others on your keyboard.
  3. Confirm password – Just to make sure that you didn’t accidentally type an extra letter or symbol in your first password attempt, repeat your password here too. If there are any password mismatches, you will be alerted to that fact.
  4. E-mail – Which email do you want to receive your online bank statements on? Enter your e-mail address here – preferably, one that also has a strong password protection as well!

Step 4: Request for TAC and enter the TAC number.

Now that you have filled in all the details, click on ‘Request for TAC’. The phone number that you registered for your Maybank account at the branch earlier will receive a 6-digit code shortly after you click on this button. 

Key in the 6-digit code, and click on next.

Step 5: Set up your security image and security questions

Maybank2u Online Register

In the next screen, you will be prompted to create extra security measures. 

  1. Choose your security image.
    You will be asked to choose your own security image. There will be a few basic ones to choose from, and you can even personalize your own security image later on once you have created your account.Meanwhile, choose a picture that you will remember, and if prompted, enter the word for the image. As an example, in the screenshot above, the user is prompted to key in the word ‘fish’ for the corresponding image.
  2. Choose 3 security questions and key in the answers.
    There won’t be many questions to choose from, but you can choose any questions that are more relevant to you. Make sure that these questions are the ones that you can answer accurately.Most of the questions given will be something like ‘In which city did you meet your spouse?’ or ‘Where did you go to the first time you were on the plane?’. These questions should have answers memorable to you alone, so there shouldn’t be much of an issue for this.

Once you are done with the security image and security questions, click on ‘Done’.


What can do with Maybank2u Apps

Now, you can log in to your Maybank2U account with your username and password! With an online Maybank2U account, you are now open to better accessibility. Here are some of what you can do with Maybank2U Online:

  1. Create other Maybank2U accounts such as Maybank eSavers or place a conventional fixed deposit
  2. Transfer money to other Maybank accounts or to other banks
  3. Reload your mobile phone
  4. View your bank statement online
  5. Apply for loans
  6. Create saving goals
  7. Pay your income tax

You can do even more with a Maybank2U app! Just download the official Maybank app on Google Playstore or App Store to access your bank account anywhere with your mobile phone. With a Maybank mobile app, you can still check your balance, transfer money, pay bills and access many other functions that you can access on the Maybank2U website. However, as an added bonus, you can also do the following through the Maybank2U app:

  1. Use QR Pay. Scan the QR code in selected stores and pay the required amount – sometimes with discounts and promotions!
  2. Use Secure2U verification instead of SMS TAC
  3. Open MAE e-banking wallet & play in-app minigames for bonuses (subject to availability)

Now that you know what is available for you on Maybank2U Online and its app, you can make full use of the online services and functions! Meanwhile, do check out some of other useful guide.

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