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How to Build a WordPress Website Offline On Computer

How to Build a WordPress Website Offline On Computer

How to Build a WordPress Website Offline On Computer

Do you know How to Build a WordPress Website Offline right on your computer? If you don’t know then this article is what you need. Build a website offline before it go live, it’s better for you to control or save money. Because if you want to build a website on normal share hosting server, you will need to buy a domain before get into work.

But, the advantage of build a website offline on your computer can save your money of buying a domain and server to do development. After you confirm the website is good to go live, only can plan to get a domain or web hosting, this can avoid a lot of unpredictable issue. So, in this article, i’ll show you the exact step by step to build your WordPress website on your computer.


Download WAMP Offline Website Hosting

To host your website on your computer, we need to install a software called “Wamp“.

Download WAMP Offline Website Hosting

Check your computer either is x64 or x32, if 64-bit operating system then download the left one, else download the right one.

x64 or x32 computer window



Install WAMP on your Computer

Once you have successfully download wamp, now install the software as usual. Don’t worry, just keep clicking Next until it finish. Simply and easy.wamp green icon

Once you have successfully install wamp in your computer you will see the icon in bottom right will be green color.

install wamp to build a website ofline


Start Localhost

Now, open your browser (I suggest you use Crytotab because you can earn some money while the browser is on), and go to “localhost”. You will see something like the screenshot below, that mean your local hosting is totally working.

wamp localhost build website offline


Install WordPress Website

To install WordPress, simple move your wordpress folder to wamp www folder.

If you don’t have wordpress, simply go to wordpress.org to download the latest version zip file. Unzip the file you will see a wordpress folder.

In my case, i install wamp in my Disk C, so the location will be Disk C » wamp64 » www. I rename the wordpress folder to rentroom, because it’s easier for me to see. It’s doesn’t matter to make change the folder name.

install wordpress website


Create a Database

Now, go back to browser “localhost”, at the bottom left corner, you will see 【phpmyadmin】, click on it.

To login, the default ID is root, PW not required, so just leave the password empty.

localhost phpmyadminOnce you login, at the top menu, click on 【Database】, and enter whatever name you like. Since the folder already name it as rentroom, so database i also call it as rentroom, easy for me to recall. Click on Create and that all for this part.

create database myphpadmin


Modify wp-config.php

The last thing we have to do is to modify the wp-config file. In my case, we can find this file on Disk C » wamp64 » www » rentroom. If you wp-config-sample or whatever, just rename it to wp-config.php.


Open to edit, remember on the above step we have create a database called rentroom? Change the DB_NAME to the database rentroom, DB_USER default is root, DB_PASSWORD leave it blank, DB_HOST localhost.

Once you have modify the database, save.

wp-config How to Build a WordPress Website Offline On Computer


Install and Build a WordPress Website Offline On Computer

The final step just open your browser, go to localhost/rentroom, and process the installation same as in normal web hosting. If you like to see the full installation process, check out the previous tutorial on STEP 3: Install WordPress Files.

Yes, once you have done. The website will be like the screenshot below. You can now start your website development.

If you’re new on this area, you can also check out my complete guide to develop your website.

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