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Home English Articles How to Check Internet Data Balance One Click? Digi, Maxis, UMobile, Celcom

How to Check Internet Data Balance One Click? Digi, Maxis, UMobile, Celcom

How to Check Internet Data Balance One Click? Digi, Maxis, UMobile, Celcom

How to Check Internet Data Balance One Click? Digi, Maxis, Umobile, Celcom

To find out how to check internet data balance for your cellular company in Malaysia. Here’s a simple code for you to check data balance for Digi, Maxis, Umobile, and Celcom.

Other than to learn how to check data balance for with few code. Today, I also want to share a trick with you about how to check internet data usage with just one single click and it’s actually work in every telecom company.

So, how to do that?

First, I’m going to show you about the code for checking internet balance of each cellular company in Malaysia.

Let’s check it out!


Why You Need to Know Check Internet Data Usage Balance ?

If you are a Umobile user, you may have facing the same problem with me. Every time when i want to open umobile official app to check my data usage balance, the app always ask me to update.

The purpose of using the apps only for checking data usage, maybe 2 to 3 times a month, but i don’t why this stupid app always need me to update only allow to access. Sometimes, it’s pissed me off. But now, i’m no more using that apps, because i have one click check data trick.

Let me show you all the checking code before we dive in. You can actually find each cellular platform code from their website, but it’s sometimes quite difficult to find it. Not every company like digi show the full code, so other you might need to figure yourself.

UMobile check internet usage*118*3*1*3#
Maxis check prepaid internet usage*100*1*1#
Maxis check postpaid internet usage*136*9#
Celcom check internet usage*118*1*1*2#
Digi check prepaid internet usage*128*3*6#
Digi check postpaid internet usage*200*1# or *128*1#
Digi check boardband internet usage*128*3# or *200*1#


U mobile Check Internet Balance Code

Here we use UMobile for step by step demonstration of internet data checking. You can find how U mobile Check Internet Balance Code below. Cellular company may reorder their product sorting, so the following may be different from your actual working, but the term are all quite similar.

  1. Turn on the phone and dial “*118#”.

Umobile internet traffic query step

  1. At the beginning, you may enter to the page like the example above, enter “99” and reply.
  2. Now, you are on the home page. We want to check the Internet data (Internet/Service), so enter “3” and reply.

Umobile internet traffic query step

  1. In this steps, continue to go for “Unlimited Mobile Internet”, enter “1” reply.

Umobile internet traffic query step

  1. Finally, the “Check Balances” options have been found, continue to key in “3” and go.

Umobile internet traffic query step

  1. Got it! The balance of how much internet data you left, how many free call time, and how long do the balance will be expired.

Umobile mobile phone traffic query

Will you say “What the fXXX! this is not One Click data check!! it’s so complicate and too much steps…” ?

Please be patient and continue reading…. I’ll show you exactly One Click data usage check… I promised!

Let’s see other company checking code first.


How to Check Digi Data Balance

For digi company, you can use Digi app to check your usage directly. For the code there’re different for prepaid and postpaid, but if you don’t have the Digi app, let me tell you how to check digi data balance. It can be use for digi prepaid check balance too.

  1. First, open your dial app
  2. Type “*128#
  3. If you are prepaid user, go to “3“; postpaid user go “1” Done
  4. Prepaid user one more step, again type “6” Done


How to Check Maxis Data Balance

Maxis and hotline are the same company, they also have their own app for topping up, check balance and more. According to Hotlink support page, here’s the way to check prepaid plan.

Hotlink Maxis also said that the way to check broadband data usage.

  1. Open your smartphone and dial
  2. Hotlink prepaid user go “*100#“; postpaid user “*136#
  3. Next prepaid go to “1“; postpaid go “9” Done
  4. Continue “1
  5. And “1” Done


Celcom Check Data Balance Number

For celcom check data balance number code we can refer to Celcom FAQ page.

  1. Call “*118#
  2. Press “1
  3. Next “1
  4. Last “2” and you’re done for Celcom check data balance


Sorry, just for asking…You may need


How to One Click Check Internet Data Balance ?

Now, let dive in to one click data checking. But one thing you have to do is, to record down all number that have been type in the above steps to get you check the data balance. In the demonstration in umobile, the number we use are

*118# > 3 > 1 > 3

here, we combine the number to


add * between each step of number, and closed with #

Once you have done the above step, follow the instruction below.

  1. Open phone contact
  2. Add a new contact
  3. Enter the name “Check Usage”
    Celcom mobile phone traffic query
  4. Contact the phone number and enter the steps I asked you to write down. Umobile is ” 118 3 1 3#”
  5. Save it after inputting
  6. Add “Check Usage” to your favorite contacts (Favourites)❤
    Hotline mobile traffic query
  7. Done ✅ Now, whenever you want to check your phone’s internet data balance. Go to your favorite contacts, click the contact, the screen will automatically display the data balance. Very cool right?

Umobile mobile phone traffic query

This method is applicable to all telecom company such as Maxis (hotline), Digi, Celcom, Umobile, Tunetalk, etc. Other than that, Apple, Android, xiaomi, oppo and other phone are also working. Now, I don’t always have to update the Umobile mobile app to check the remaining data usage balance.


How To Check My Prepaid Number (Umobile, Maxis, Celcom, Digi)

Prepaid card is very easy to check the phone number. To check your prepaid number, simply dial the code number and the prepaid card number will be shown on the screen.


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