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How to earn FREE bitcoin?


How to earn FREE bitcoin?

Today i want to share with you guy about the another way to earn free bitcoin that i have mentioned from the last article. You can earn free bitcoin from the website which is linked to the CoinPot wallet. Once you received any bitcoin, it will automatically transfer to your CoinPot wallet and you can get it as fast as every 5 minutes.

If you don’t have a CoinPot account you can check out the last article here about how to register.

Now, let’s start how to earn Free bitcoin.

1. First go to this link. goo.gl/cJFF29

Key in the email address you have used to register your CoinPot, and press [sign in]. It will automatically link to your coinpot wallet and register.

2. Now you have done the registration. You must wait for every 5 minutes and press [claim now] to claim your FREE satoshi (bitcoin).

If you are in front on your laptop, you can click [Alert me], and you will be noticed once your satoshi is ready to claim.

In the [change settings] you can set how much satoshi you like to accumulate in order to alert you.

It’s simple? Scroll down a bit and you can see the bonus graph.

  • [Mining bonus] – this is useless. It simply mean to let your device run the mining and you will get this bonus. However, we have been mining in CoinPot, one mining will use all your resource. There’s no meaning to mining two way on the same device that won’t speed up.
  • [Mystery bonus] – this is a random bonus, it will automatically added.
  • [Offer bonus] – this is a extra bonus, you have to complete some survey to get this bonus. Normally i don’t do this.
  • [Referral bonus] – i think this you should know. Referral your friends or family use this and you will referral bonus.
  • [Daily loyalty bonus] – every day you claim the satoshi and you will be rewarded loyalty bonus of 1%, if you claim every single day for 1 week and you will get 7%, the maximum can be up to 100%.
  • [Claim amount] – this is what you have claim for each time. Down below explained more.

This is the claim rates. I will fluctuate depend on few factors, there is explained a lot. However, from my current rates every 5 minutes you can claim 2 satoshi, it can hold for maximum 4 weeks for 100 satoshi. The fastest and time save way is to claim every 15 minutes. You can calculate your current rates.

It’s look like not much but if you claim every 15 minutes for a day is about 200+ excluding other bonus. If your time is a bit tight, you can adjust your time by claim it once a day. It won’t cost you much time because it is FREE, why not ?

Link goo.gl/cJFF29

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