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Home English Articles How to FREE mining bitcoin? Mining Crypto Currency for FREE

How to FREE mining bitcoin? Mining Crypto Currency for FREE


How to FREE mining bitcoin? Mining Crypto Currency for FREE

Recently i have touching digital currency (CryptoCurrency), as the breaking news bitcoin have reach around 20 thousand dollar. Today want to share with you about how to mining bitcoin for FREE. It’s totally FREE and very easy to use.


Actually there is a lot of bitcoin mining out there. However, i quite like this platform that i’m personally using, it is very simple, beautiful UI and easy to use. It also allow you to mining using your mobile device or ipad, for me is very convenience. So, let’s start.

1. This is the website of free Bitcoin mining  http://coinpot.co/

Click the link above to enter, click [Register] to get a free account.

2. After filling all the information, click [Register]

3. Now, check on your mailbox for verification.

This is how it look like after you login to the dashboard.

4. Now you can see there are several currencies. However I strongly suggest you to mining Bitcoin, because there is another way to earn FREE bitcoin, the writing here.

Click in the blue arrow box, select [Mine bitcoin core].

5. You are now enter into the Bitcoin mining page.

The selection on the left is for you to choose how fast you want to laptop to run for this mining. I recommended to run on Medium or High CPU usage. The higher CPU usage the harmful for your laptop.

The right selection is the number of core processor of your device. It will automatically set by the default of your device core, so we can just ignore it.

Well [Start mining]

6. If you want to mining on other computers or mobile device, click [Earn more]

7. Now you can see mine on other devices, copy the link below and open in the device you wish to mine.

Mining with your laptop and device will be faster.

The earning in mining process, every five minutes will be automatically credit into your CoinPot Bitcoin wallet. You can go to Dashboard and check for your total Bitcoin earning.

If you want to withdraw the bitcoin, you need a minimum of 0.00025 of bitcoin. Start mining today and exchange with cash in future.

Welcome to MAOMAO Blog, and thank you for reading this writing.
If you have any questions, you can comments below, find me on facebook, instagram or whatever any way. I really like to hear from you.

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