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How to Install and Renew Letsencrypt Wildcard SSL Free

How to Install and Renew Letsencrypt Wildcard SSL Free

The lesson today i’m going to teach you guy is How to Install and Renew Letsencrypt Wildcard SSL Free.

First, do you use wildcard wordpress website? Wildcard wordpress is know as WordPress Multisite, which make easy for site owner easily create sub site under the same domain name. With one wordpress (database, system, phpadmin) you can create multiple unique site, which can save more space and more easy to control. Of course, if one site get hacked or infect with malicious, other site will be involved too.

Thus, HTTPS SSL is even important for a Multisite Wildcard WordPress website. Wildcard ssl is expensive than normal ssl if you plan to get one from your hosting provider. But if you are out of budget, you could still get one for FREE.

In Maomaochia.com we strict to provide all free resource and tutorial. If you like our concept, please help us spread to the world.

Here is my previous post [Letsencrypt Tutorial] Step by step to install SSL for Free in Cpanel without DNS verification.

So today, i’m going to share with you How to Install and Renew Letsencrypt Wildcard SSL Free and the A-Z tutorial are below.


Step 1: Go to Wildcard SSL For Free

First you need to go to the free ssl https certificate provider, here we recommend SSLForFree

When you open the site, input your wildcard domain on the below bar.
For exmaple: *.yourdomain.com and then click on [Create Free SSL Certificate]

How to Install and Renew Letsencrypt Wildcard SSL Free


Step 2: DNS Verification (Multisite)

Because we are doing wildcard ssl, the only verification method is through DNS. But don’t worry, it’s not difficult even you are a newbie. Stick to my tutorial and you won’t have any problem.

If your website is behind a firewall, then you need to whitelist (normal share hosting won’t have this problem so you can just ignore this)

Once you’re ready, click on [Manually Verify Domain]


DNS Verification (Multisite)


Step 3: Upload DNS Records

To complete DNS Verification you need to add some txt to your DNS records in your cpanel.


Go to your cpanel – Zone Editor , now find the wildcard domain name you want to install or renew ssl and click Manage


Now Add Record on the top and choose TXT type, TTL input 1, Name input _acme-challenge.yourdomain.com, Record copy the value from ssl site and actions Add Record. (like screenshot above)


Step 4: Verify SSL Certificate

Now you can verify the txt DNS record have been propageted from link 3.

The result will be show like screenshot below.


Once it’s verified, then we can process to the next step by click on [Download SSL Certificate] on the ssl site.

Step 5: Install and Renew SSL Certificate

You have setup the DNS record, and now you just have to install the SSL certificate to your website in cpanel. For renew the wildcard ssl the process are the same as install.

Go to your cpanel, find SLL/TLS ( some cpanel version might be different but overall the same )

If you are enter the right page, you can see options like below: Private Keys, Certificate Signing Requests

 and choose Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)

Install SSL Certificate in CpanelInstall SSL Certificate in Cpanel

Choose the wildcard domain you want to install or renew the HTTPS certificate.

Now go back to ssl provider site, copy all Certificate, Private Key and CA Bundle content into the right column in cpanel.

free-ssl-https-domain-07free-ssl-https-domain-08Install SSL Certificate in Cpanel

Step 6: Success Install SSL Certificate in WordPress

Once you have finish copying all the content into cpanel, make sure you are fill in the right column then you may click [Install Certificate]. Now you will see your Multisite WordPress website is now active and SSL certified.


This is how to make your multisite SSL certified. However, the certificate only valid for 3 months, that mean you have to update SSL for every 3 months to keep your website is secure under https. You can also get noticed from them before you site ssl coming to expired. If you don’t know how to do, check out the previous tutorial here.

I hope you like this tutorial and please help us share this. Cheer

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