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How to Install WordPress Manually (That Other Articles Don’t Teach)

How to Install WordPress Manually

I have found out many articles provide information about install WordPress manually are too complicated. Here i want to show you how’s my secret to install WordPress manually can be done in simple 3 steps. Let’s me show you.

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Quick go:

Step 1 Create A Database and Add A New User in SQL

Step 2 Upload WordPress Files

Step 3 Install WordPress Files


STEP 1: Create A Database and Add A New User in SQL

To manually install WordPress in your server, you have to create a new database and a sql user manually. Because a server might host several website, each database have store specific website data. So when you want to add a new website to your server, you have to create a new database and sql user. That’s the concept.

1. Find the MySQL Database

So the very first step is go to the MySQL Database, for most hosting company(Bluehost, SiteGround and more) provide cpanel(control panel), and you can easily find it.

mysql database

2. Create a new Database

Once you have enter into MySQL Database, create a new database. Here you can name your database, there have no restriction about the name. For instance, the domain name called “youtube2mp3online.com”, then we can simply use “you2on9”, “mp3on9” or whatever, just make sure the name is easy for you to recognize.

create new database

3. Add a new user

Now, scroll a little bit to the bottom and you can find this column. Simply type a name to create a new user, and you can use password generator to create a strong password, and make sure you have record down the password, because we have to use it later.

4. Add a User to a Database

Great, you have now done 80%. Now, scroll a litter bit more to the bottom, select the user and database that we have created on the above step and click “Add”.


After you click “Add”, somethings pop up like this. Tick all the options or tick “All Privileges” to direct choose all, and click “Make Changes”.

The first step of create a database in MySQL have now completed. Let’s process to the next step to upload WordPress files to the server.


STEP 2: Upload WordPress Files

On the second steps, you should done to create a new database and add new user to it. Now, we have to upload WordPress files in to the server. There are two way to upload WordPress to your server, the first one is using FTP. Using FTP definitely you need that software, for me is complex and waste more time, so i always prefer the second method. Directly upload WordPress files from file manager in cpanel. Let’s see how it’s done.

1. Find File Manager in Cpanel

Now you should go to the “file manager”, and upload the WordPress files into your server.

But, how do i get WordPress files? Don’t worry, WordPress files is free and you could download it from their website.

Simply go to WordPress.org and you will find it.

file manager

2. Go to site folder

Once you have enter to “file manager” and got your WordPress zip files, now we have to go to the site folder. The site folder will used for store everything including images, video, and other css and html files about that site. So you have to make sure you are entering the right folder.

public_html > maomaochia install wordpress

In my case was, “public_html” > “demo1”, for a new site folder without any program, only two or less files are inside the folder. *every hosting company are different, but most are quite similar.


3. Upload WordPress zip file

Once you are right in the folder, find the upload  upload cpanel icon to upload your WordPress zip file.

upload file cpanel

Make sure the overwrite is 644 and wait until the upload is complete. upload complete


4. Extract the file

Now, refresh and you will see the WordPress zip file you have uploaded are here.

Find this icon  extract wordpress to extract the zip file.

However, all we need is the file inside the “wordpress” folder, and they should be located on level 1, “public_html/demo1”.


5. Confirm file location

Now click in “wordpress” folder, you will see the below file and document, we need them to be right on the level 1, not inside “wordpress” folder.

select all

So “select all” file and move  them right under your site folder level1 like below.

move files

Now go back to your site folder and refresh, if you can see all the files right here then you are correct. The “wordpress” folder and “wordpress-4.9.4.zip” can be deleted, we no longer need it.

install wordpress manually in cpanel


STEP 3: Install WordPress Files

Once you have done everything on the above, it’s time to install WordPress to your website. To install WordPress, make sure the database and username is correct, and the password have been created on the first step. Once we step in the process, you will find it’s really simply just few click.

Because there are many complex tutorial out there, required us have to edit this file or edit that files. From my experience, i found this is the fastest and easiest way to install WordPress, and for beginner are most easy to understand. For this latest tutorial to install WordPress manually, you don’t have to use text editor or FTP, everything can be done in just one browser.

1. Go to your Install Domain

To start install WordPress, simply browse your domain on web browser to begin install or use the below url. Change “yourdomain” to your own domain name.



2. Choose your Language

In the installation, you can choose your preferred language.

wordpress language selection

3. Input Database info

Key-in your Database Name, Username and password, all of these we have created on the first step. Database host just ignore it, table prefix you can input whatever you like.

install wordpress database

4. Input Website info

After you submit your database info, now to key in your website information. You can change the site title anytime after install, username, password and email are more important, because it’s used for login to your WordPress website back end. Better write down in case you forgot.

install wordpress info

5. Your Website is now Live

After you press “Install WordPress”, you will redirect to login page. Key in your username and password to login, your website is now live and look like this.


complete install wordpress manually

In the conclusion, now you get your WordPress website but it is not the end, it’s just start. The next things you should do is to improve your website, here are some recommended tutorial to improve your website.

Let me know if you have any questions, and please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me your problems like other reader. If you find it’s helpful, please spread the word. Click on the little social media icon on the left and share it.

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