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How To Pay EPF KWSP Online Employer Malaysia

How To Pay EPF KWSP Online Employer Malaysia

Do know “How To Pay EPF KWSP Online By Employer Malaysia”? We’re Malaysian, lol what the haxk! Haha, in this few years, Malaysia are keep improving the by using technology in many area. Many years ago, no matter electricity, water, indah water or epf, socso, people have to go to the center to make payment. But few year ago, we can see many bill can be payed in various way. In 2018, bank even strict employer pay employee epf and socso through online.

But many self-employment don’t how to pay online, some of them even don’t have a smart phone, thus the problem come out. Like my parent, they have smart phone, but they only know scrolling the Facebook and put a wechat emoji sticker.

That day, they ask me to help them pay their self-employ epf and socso because bank no longer support to pay in counter. I know something difficult is coming to the old generation, new technology will take over the traditional and so many self-employ like my parent will facing this kind of difficulties.

If a simple enough system come out to help these old generation people to solve their problem, this system will be very success in Malaysia. However, it required many resource for start a system to contribute the society.

It’s a bit digress, alright, so here i want to share with people who don’t How To Pay EPF KWSP Online By Employer Malaysia. Here are the full tutorial, let’s begin.

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How To Pay EPF KWSP Online By Employer Malaysia

So before make contribution on KWSP EPF online, sure we have to go to the official website. Since the website allow us to do contribution and make payment, so we can do everything necessary there.

1 Open your browser, search “epf”.

Once you have got the search result, open the first one “EPF – i-Akuan – KWSP“.

search epf kwsp online malaysia maomaochia

2 Employers Login

On the left side, click on 【Employers Login】. Make sure you have your employers account, if not you have to inquiry the KWSP.

How To Pay EPF KWSP Online By Employer Malaysia

3 Login your Employer Account

Input your account ID and PW to login.

epf kwsp login akaun account

4 Start Contribute

Once you have login, click on 【Contribute】 > 【Submission of EPF Contribution (Form A)】 and go 【Next】.

EPF KWSP Online submission

5 Choose Date of Contribution

Select Contribution Months and go 【Next】.

EPF KWSP contribution Malaysia

6 Create Your Employee

If you want to do epf contribution to your Employee (Including yourself), add them a new employee.

How To Pay EPF KWSP Online Malaysia

7 Prepare For Make Payment

Once you have finish adding your employee contribution, the list will be look like the below, click 【Next】.

How To Pay EPF KWSP Online By Employer Malaysia

8 Choose Your Payment Method

Now you will allow you find your favorite payment method. 【Payment through FPX】 support most of the bank in Malaysia.

How To Pay EPF KWSP Online maybank

9 Choose Your Bank

You’re able to choose to make payment through retail banking (Personal account) or corporate banking (Company account). If you pay through FPX you are able to choose your bank and keyin your email address (for kwsp to sent you receipt).

Pay EPF KWSP Online banking malaysia

10 Start Pay EPF Online

After continue, you will be redirected to your selected bank, here i choose Public bank. Now click to 【Request PAC Now】.

How To Pay EPF KWSP Online banking

PAC will be sending via SMS to the bank account holder phone number. Check your phone SMS.


11 Done EPF KWSP Contribution

Input the PAC code you have received and now you’ll be successfully make the payment.

Pay EPF KWSP FPX Malaysia


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