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How To Pay SOCSO Online Malaysia Perkeso

How To Pay SOCSO Online Malaysia

I think EPF and SOCSO are now have to pay via online, bank also ask people to pay online instead of counter, so today the title will be “How to pay SOCSO online Malaysia Perkeso”. My last article (How To Pay EPF KWSP Online By Employer Malaysia) have been talk about in decade year Malaysia have execute many technology in many industry. But the old generation is not internet or technology savvy, that the problems a new simplest system is needed to solve the social problem.

But don’t worry, here i will try my best to show you How to pay SOCSO online in this articles.

You may need: How To Pay EPF KWSP Online By Employer Malaysia.


How To Pay SOCSO Online Malaysia

To pay Malaysia SOCSO Online, the process are quite similar to pay EPF Online. Perkeso support to edit your employee SOCSO including yourself if you are self-employ, and make payment directly through there.

1 Open your browser, search “SOCSO”.

If you don’t know what is the website address of perkeso, we can search that on google or any other search engine.

google search socso malaysia

2 Enter “iPERKESO”.

Make sure you are enter into the right page. “iPERKESO”, https://www.iperkeso.my

socso iperkeso

3 Login Your Account

Here you can choose your preferred language and click “Login”.

login to socso iperkeso malaysia

4 Enter Your IC to Login

Perkeso SOCSO is a bit different to other, it’s using your IC (Identities Card) to login to the account.

login to socso

5 Choose “I’M EMPLOYER”

Once you have successfully login to your account, click on “I’M EMPLOYER”.

how to pay socso as a employer malaysia online


6 Add Your Company

socso online payment add a company

If you are first time login to your SOCSO iPerkeso account, you may need to add your company in order to make further action. To add company is easy, click on 【Add Company】, and you will the something like the below.

socso online payment find your company

Now type your company registration number and click 【Search Your Company】. You will see your company and click to add. After adding, your company will be appear on the below like the example below.socso online payment your company


7 Add Your Employee

socso online banking add employee-min

After adding your company, now you have to add your company employee to do SOCSO contribution. To do this, click on 【Add Employee】 to add new employee.

Here you have to fill in your employee detail (If you are self-employ, you have to add yourself as an employee), the detail including IC number, Full name, Employee Mobile Number, Gender, Date of Employment, Race, Salary and more. Once it’s complete, click 【Add Employee】.

socso online banking add employee fill in detail


8 Prepare for SOCSO Payment

Once you have setup your company and employee, now click on “Make SOCSO Contribution” to process to payment SOCSO Online.

contribute socso maomaochia

9 SOCSO Contribution Month

Choose which month you would like to pay.

when to pay socso

10 All’s set. Pay SOCSO Online

Now you may see like the below example. Click 【Submit and Pay】 to process payment.

How To Pay SOCSO Online Malaysia Perkeso

Congratulation! You have successfully make the payment on SOCSO Online. If you like the tutorial, please share for your friends who might need it. You may also want to know how to pay EPF Online in Malaysia, the tutorial are also very simple, it will only take you 1-2 minute, so you may also heading there.

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Leo Brodka November 30, 2018 - 5:09 am

thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

Gabriele Brazen January 8, 2019 - 1:06 pm

thanks for sharing this information.have shared this link with others keep posting such information..


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