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Home English ArticlesDigital/Tech How to Screenshot on Windows 10, iPhone/Android, Laptop, PC, Mac【8 Way】

How to Screenshot on Windows 10, iPhone/Android, Laptop, PC, Mac【8 Way】

How to Screenshot on Windows 10, iPhone/Android, Laptop, PC, Mac【8 Way】

【8 Comprehensive Ways】
How to Screenshot on Windows 10, iPhone/Android, Laptop, PC, Mac

Nowadays, either computer or mobile phone can be easily take screenshot on the device. Whether you are using a Windows PC, Apple Mac, Google Chrome browser, iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO, or other types of device. Basically, all comes with screenshot function, but maybe you didn’t discover or don’t know how to use it.

I also found that many people (including my older parent or customer) do not know how to take a screenshot. When i ask for a screenshot, they use their phone took a picture for me, uhh? I’m asking for a screenshot, but they sent me a photo. LOL Many of them don’t how exactly take screenshot on their windows laptop, mac or iphone, that why they sent me a photo using their camera.

So today I want to share with all of you who don’t how to screenshot on windows (Laptop, Mac, PC) or mobile phones (iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO). Here have 9 comprehensive way to teach you how you can take full screen, long screen or partial screen even in the browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge).

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  2. Screenshot on Laptop Dell, PC Hp, and more
  3. Where do screenshots go on Mac
  4. Screenshot Google Chrome
  5. Screenshot on Microsoft Edge browser
  6. How to screenshot on iPhone
  7. Screenshot Android (Huawei, Samsung s8, OPPO, IG)
  8. Screenshot long page iphone

How to Screenshot on Windows 10 Snipping tool

If you want to capture window screen of your pc or laptop, there are several way to achieve it. Here is how we can use snipping tool to do screenshot on windows 10. Other than that, we can also use windows original shortcut key to do print screen.

1. Full-screen screenshot shortcut: Win + prt sc

On the windows 10 pc, simply press the shortcut key Win + prt sc to do screenshot. The screenshot image will be saved in your [Pictures] > [Screenshots] folder.

Full screen shots shortcuts: Win + prt sc

2. Target screenshot shortcut: Alt + prt sc

If you just want to screenshot a single target(program / file), but do not want to capture whole screen, you can try this shortcut key. Move the target on the top, and then press the keyboard  Alt + prt sc.

Full screen shots shortcuts: Win + prt sc

After that, open [Paint], [right click] > [Paste] or keyboard Ctrl + v the screenshot will be appear and then save it.

paint Screenshot

3. Screenshot on Windows Snipping Tool

Click on the left win icon, enter “Snipping tool ..” and you will see the screenshot tool.

Windows comes with the Snipping Tool: [Draw / Paint]

After open the snipping tool, you can select the delay time, the screenshot mode, then click [New] to start taking screenshots.

[Screenshot Tools / Snipping Tool]

Screenshot on Laptop Dell, PC Hp, and more

Sometimes, you may only can do take a small or partial screenshot. To achieve this, you can simply choose the capturing mode. There are several mode for you to do partial screenshot.

Try [Free Form Snip], you can draw which part you would like to capture. Use the built-in pen ✏ or highlighter 🖊 for further editing.

Theme or partial portion screenshot

Where do screenshots go on Mac

Of course, Apple Mac do have screenshot feature. Mac OS screenshot shortcut is Command + Shift + 3

  • Command + Shift + 3: Full Screenshot; capture the entire screen, screenshots will be automatically saved to your mac desktop.
  • Command + Shift + 4: Partial Screenshot; mouse cursor will be change, drag the cursor to capture, the screenshot is automatically saved to the desktop folder.

The system comes with Mac OS screenshot shortcut is Command + Shift + 3

Screenshot Google Chrome

If you want to take a screenshot on the Google Chrome browser, you can also capture on the page by the way mentioned earlier. Of course, there’s are unique ways to capture, but here also allows you to capture long screen image.

Two main ways:

1. Use Extension: Fireshot screenshot extension

Open your Chrome, go into the Google Chrome Extension Store , search “Fireshot” and add to Chrome. To use it select [ Capture entire page ] to take a full-page long screenshot.

Chrome, plug into the mall, search

2∴ Google Chrome native screenshot function: Professional way.

With Google Chrome, you can use the native command to capture everything in the browser, but make sure your Chrome version is 59 or higher.

Open the

Windows pc Open google chrome “Inspect” (pictured above) or keyboard F12 to open (three dots on the right to switch the dock side, select “Undock into separate window”). In the debugging dock, press Ctrl + Shift + P and type “cap” then select [ Capture screenshot] (e.g., bottom right).

  • Select Capture full size screenshot ] to do long pages screenshot.

Mac laptop Apple mac, there is slightly different shortcut to call the inspect dock, press ⌘Command + ⌥Option + I to open dock and press ⌘Command + ⇧Shift + P to call the box function box.

Capture full size screenshot

In addition, if you want to capture a small part of graphic or section, you can try this:
(1) Click on the arrow left icon or press the Windows  Ctrl + Shift + C , Mac  ⌘Command + ⇧Shift + C
(2) Select the desired section
(3) Call the function Ctrl + Shift + P, Mac  ⌘Command + ⇧Shift + P, select Capture node screenshot ], a perfect section screenshot is now live.

Chrome native screenshot function comes with Windows, Mac

Screenshot on Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge browser comes with screenshots

Open Windows original Edge browser, at the top right, click Add Notes, you can see the Editing window.

Microsoft Edge browser comes with screenshots

  1. Drag any part of the screen on the browsers.
  2. Open [Paint] > [Paste] or press Ctrl + v

It’s free and easy to take screenshot on Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge browser comes with screenshots

How to screenshot on iPhone

That is very easy to take screenshots on Apple iPhone. Now iPhone also build-in the screenshot function, with simply pressing 2 button to do it.

Shortcuts : Power button + Home

Aid : Click [Device]> [More]> [Screenshot]

The screenshot will be automatically saved in your picture album.

Apple iPhone screenshot shortcut

Screenshot Android (Huawei, Samsung s8, OPPO, IG)

Screenshot Android phones are basically the same way, just a little different with the shortcut key, because every android brand using different shortcut, but they are all quite similar, try below:

  1. Press the [Power] button for a few seconds, the screenshot option will be appear;
  2. Press [Volume] + [Power] 
  3. Press [Volume up] + [Power] 
  4. Press the [Menu] + [power]
  5. Press the [Home] + [power]

Still cannot?

  • Try Drop-down the top notification bar and search for [Screenshot]

Screenshot long page iPhone

To screenshot long page in your smart phone, we need to use some app.

Try Tailor app

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