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Touch N Go E Wallet怎么用,可以用在哪里?身份证也可以绑定TNG充值

Of course, in addition to these relatively familiar ones, there are many smaller ones that we will not say. The main electronic wallet to be discussed today is Touch N Go E Wallet . HOW TO USE TOUCH N GO E WALLET?

Touch N Go should have started in Malaysia relatively early. I still remember that when I used the highway or went to school, I already started using TNG. But maybe the company leaders want to save money, so they have not made further innovations. Until now, many companies have started to develop their own e-wallet, so we can also see that TNG also has its own e-wallet app. Maybe the company still wants to save money (after all, the concept of saving money is a virtue is correct), so we have paid little attention to the news of their APP (never saw the advertisement).

How to use Touch N Go E Wallet

But it doesn’t matter. Actually, your budget is a little tight, so it doesn’t matter. Maomaochia will help you promote it for free. First, of course, we must first understand how to use this Touch N Go E Wallet. Before you understand, we need a few more steps.

First of all, we need to download the TNG app first. If you do n’t download the app, how do you use it?
Then the second step is that your tng needs to be registered. Touch n go ewallet registration process can be done by following the steps below.
But after you have successfully registered, you can use tng ewallet.

So how to download to TNG App?

Basically, you can simply download it from the store to your mobile phone, or you can also directly scan the QR code below.

Touch N Go E Wallet referral code

After the download is complete, it is the registration stage. After entering the APP, click [Create Account]. At this time, you must enter your phone number, and then you will receive a One-Time-Password message, enter the password to enter the registration is successful.

How to use Touch N Go E Wallet

After entering the one-time password, you have to create a 6-digit number password, which is used when you want to pay with TNG ewallet. Next, enter your name, country, ID number and email address, and then click Next to finish. You can choose to bind your TNG card immediately, or later.

Touch N Go E Wallet app

The following is the interface of Touch N Go App. This is how it looks after entering the software. This App can also transfer funds (that is, transfer money to family and friends), or scan code payment. Then below you can also see the services it supports.

After registration, you can authenticate your ewallet. The advantage is that the upper limit can reach 5000 ringgits, you can transfer money, and finally you can also open fast payment.

How to use Touch N Go E Wallet and where can it be used? ID card can also be tied to TNG recharge


Where can Touch N Go be used

Of course, as with other e-wallets, the most basic thing is to pay for phone bills. The next step is to book movie tickets and air tickets. However, if the airline ticket is Airasia, I suggest that you pay through Bigpay , because you can get the maximum discount. Of course, the biggest difference of TNG e-wallet is his RFID tag. Now you can pass the toll directly through the APP RFID tag , there is no need to bring a card or the like like before. Although it is not troublesome to bring a card, this is a new feature.

In addition, it is convenient that TNG also has an automatic reload function, which means that you do not need to recharge each time. Now when your e-wallet’s money is lower than a certain amount, it will automatically topup for you, which is very convenient.

  1. Top up Prepare phone charges
  2. Pay Postpaid phone bill
  3. pay the bill
  4. Book movie tickets
  5. Book an air ticket
  6. You can buy Discount
  7. RFID
  8. PayDirect (used by Toll)
  9. Parking (Malaysia Parking APP)
  10. Lacing

where can touch n go be used


Top-up ID Touch N Go

It is very simple to bind your Touch N Go card to the E-wallet, just click [ADD TNG CARD], then enter the [10 numbers] on your TNG card, and then give you this Take a [name] for a TNG card (for example: Maomaochia.com) and click Next to add it. But if you want to bind your ID card to use as a TNG card, then you may be more distressed because the ID card number is not displayed on the ID card.

The following will teach you how to do it:
First you go to the gas station, 7-11 is still any place where you can recharge Touch N Go, use your ID card to recharge, and then remember to take the receipt. At this time, you find [ Mfg No ] on the receipt , this is the TNG number on your ID card, and then enter this number in the e wallet to add the TNG Card.

Top-up ID Touch N Go


How does Touch N Go eWallet make money? 【Touch N Go recharge】

While using your TNG E-Wallet, you can recharge your e-wallet in several ways. So for the demonstration of touch n go recharge, this article will also demonstrate to you once and teach you how to make money with Touch N Go eWallet.

  1. First you open the software and click [Reload Wallet]
  2. Enter here and you can fill in the amount you want to recharge.
  3. Now you fill in the number on your Debit card or Credit card.
  4. After filling in, click 【Reload Now】
  5. It’s that simple.

touch n go recharge touch n go ewallet

There are a few points to add to everyone. If you do n’t want to topup your bank card , then you can click this [ FPX Online Banking ] option, which allows you to recharge via online transfer such as Maybank2u, CIMB Click , etc. Convenience.

Also, it is actually better to bind this bank card. Because there is also a function here [ Quick Payment ] that allows you to pay even when the balance in the e-wallet is not enough. The e-wallet will pay through the bank card you bind. So, even if you want to buy something with more money today, you do n’t have to worry about the money in the e-wallet.

touch n go recharge touch n go ewallet

Summarize several ways to make money with touch n go ewallet.

  1. The first is to use the Reload PIN for recharge. These reload pins are all available in supermarkets, 7-11, or gas stations. So it’s very convenient.
  2. The second one is to recharge through credit card and debit card. So it is also very simple. If you want to use the card, then you can fill in your personal information and card number, and then you can easily pay directly through the Internet.
  3. The third is to recharge through FPX. In the case of FPX, online payment is similar to maybank2u.

touch n go reload online touch n go reload pin


Regarding the TNG app, I think that the most eye-catching feature is the auto reload function. Because people like us who often use TNG may recharge it once a week. It has been troublesome to recharge it all the time, but sometimes I do n’t want to recharge too much. Now with this automatic recharge function, it is really good. You can set how much less money is in your wallet (for example: 20-100), and then set how much automatic topup, the app will automatically recharge the TNG amount, so you do n’t need to go to topup all the time.

But the embarrassment is that this auto reload is only to reload your wallet, not to reload your TNG card, so when you want to take MRT or toll, if you use a card, the money in the card will not help you reload .

But do n’t be afraid, we also called TNG to confirm that it is currently an eWallet that can only auto reload TNG , but they will have this feature in the future. It is possible to automatically topup your touch n go card as we think, then it ’s true You do n’t need to worry about not enough money in the TNG card.

TNG auto reload


IC Touch N Go卡

Maybe you will worry about using IC to bind to Touch N Go card is not safe or something. In fact, you don’t have to worry about the impact after binding the card, because it will not affect you if it is tied or not. Instead, after adding your TNG card, you can see the usage history of your card.

Here you can perform Edit Name [Change Name], Remove Card [Remove Bind Card] or Email TNG Statement [Send Usage Record to Your Email].

If you are worried about what is wrong with your bound card, or if you have not used it, you can remove the bound card immediately. Just select Remove Card and confirm the removal.

touch n go untie

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Where to buy Touch n go card?

Touch N Go cards are sold in many places, generally you can buy them at gas stations, Mynews stores, ATMs, supermarkets and Tocuh 'n Go customer service stations, train stations, MRT / LRT stations, 7 Eleven, etc.

Can Touch n go ewallet be used in mrt

The Touch N Go card can be used to travel in Malaysia. However, Touch n go ewallet cannot currently use MRT, LRT, or bus directly, or only use cards.

Can IC be touch n go?

The Identity Card (IC) Identity Card can be used as a touch n go card, and can also be used to bind Touch n go ewallet.

Touch n go ewallet What if I forget my password?

If your Touch n go ewallet has forgotten your password, then you can log in to the software, click the head in the upper right corner, then change the Pin password, and then click Forgot password.

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