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How to Install WordPress on SiteGround

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How to Install WordPress on SiteGround

Remember few days ago i was on twitter, i saw a newbie blogger distress something in a group. He bought a domain name and hosting package from Siteground, but was having trouble about install WordPress on Siteground.

That remind me the very first time when i was learning about website, hosting, FTP, SQL and more. I do research for few weeks just to understand what are these things. WordPress is a top CMS website builder, there are many newbie haven’t figure out website building process. I understand how tough of that time, so i decide to show you guy how to install WordPress on Siteground.

This tutorial are mainly suitable for:

  • People who had purchased a domain name and hosting package on Siteground.
  • You have multiple domain names and switched which ones are on active hosting packages
  • People who need help installing WordPress on Siteground.

If you are not using Siteground then i can only say sorry. You can find out how to setup WordPress on Alibaba hosting for another options. However, the process are quite the same for all hosting company by Cpanel.

Siteground are similar to bluehost for the installation.

Step 1: Login to your Siteground account.

The very first step is obviously you must had bought a domain name and hosting on Siteground then only we can process to this step. You can choose a shared hosting package which suit of your need. Once ready, login to your account.



Step 2: Go to manage your hosting account.

Once you have successfully login to your account, go to [My Account] > [Manage Account]. You should probably only have one domain name and one hosting package, unless you have bought few domain name and hosting. Therefore, here you have to go to the appropriate [Manage account] section.


Step 3: Go to Cpanel.

Now you will see a [Go to Cpanel] button. Click that and go to the cpanel for installation. There’s a little popup that says basically, “Are you sure?” Hit, “Access cPanel securely” and “proceed.”

Step 4: Click “WordPress” autoinstallers.

You are now come to the main page of cpanel. Scroll down to the autoinstallers section and click on the WordPress icons to process install.

Step 5: Click “Install Now”.

Now you are in the WordPress install page and click [Install].


Step 6: Setup the settings.

If you don’t install a SSL certificate, choose “http” as your protocol. “https” only available for SSL.

On the site settings, input your site name and site description.

We can just ignore enable multisite if you don’t know what is it.

On the admin account, input your admin username, admin password and admin email.

*You have to record down the username and password, it’s used for login to your website back end.

Step 7: Complete Install WordPress.

Congratulation! You have finally successful install WordPress. Copy and paste the “Administrative URL” – that’s your back end URL that will allow you to start building your site. Just remember to add “/wp-admin/” at the end of your domain url.

Take that URL you just copied and enter it into a new web page. Now enter in the username and password you had created a few minutes ago. The page you’ll login regularly should look something like this:

install wordpress on siteground 06



Is this tutorial easy to understand ? Leave me some feedback and help me to improve. Now you can start blogging or customize your brand new website that worth $2-3k market price, and now you can just do it yourself. I know you still confuse and struggle for “Alright, i am done. But what’s next?”. Don’t worry, on the below i will give you some tips for what you should do next.

Tips for your next steps:

  • Find a good theme for your website
  • Install few top plugins that is necessary for your website.
  • Start create the main page of your site. e.g. Home, contact page, about us, TOS.

Once you finish all your building steps remember to backup your site. If you site got hack or virus so you can recover back.

Welcome to MAOMAO Blog, and thank you for reading this post.
If you have any questions please comments below or find me on social media.
I really like to hear from you. #SEE MY WORKS


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