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Home English Articles KL Indoor Team Building Activities 1 Day Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KL Indoor Team Building Activities 1 Day Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KL Indoor Team Building Activities 1 Day Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KL Indoor Team Building Activities 1 Day Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Last month, i just participant our company 1 day team building activities in Kuala Lumpuar Malaysia. This is a new company which came into Malaysia for 3 months, so we have about 10+ person only. For a foreign company, which is difficult for them if want to plan some activities.

Luckily, all colleague are Malaysian 👏 (this is a bit nonsense, please ignore). So we take this challenge to plan a incredible 1 day team building activities in KL. We use our One Malaysia spirit to come out with the plan on below. In this post, i will share with you the team building activities and how amazing we’re, so keep reading.


The InDoor Team Building Activities in KL – Enerz

After research we plan to do our team building activities in Enerz Extreme Park, the location in on subang jaya. EnerZ is an extreme park with various indoor activities. They have various large trampoline pads for free jumping, foam pits, trampoline dodgeball courts, slam dunk areas, high performance walls and an air bag.

KL Indoor Team Building Activities 1 Day Kuala Lumpur Malaysia enerz

We book their corporate team building package, which have a minimum of 15 ticket, 4 Hours of Activities and a coach. We start tb activities on 11AM, coach will randomly separate us into 2 groups to challenge. In this 4 hours, we have play the six games.

  1. First game is Free Jump

    KL Indoor Team Building enerz Foam pits

  2. Second game is Foam pits

    KL Indoor Team Building enerz Foam pits

  3. Third game is Trampoline basketball

    KL Indoor Team Building enerz Foam pits

  4. Fourth game is Meltdown

    KL Indoor Team Building enerz Foam pits

  5. Fifth game is Ninja Warrior

    KL Indoor Team Building enerz Foam pits

  6. Sixth game is Dodge ball

    KL Indoor Team Building enerz Foam pits

Review for Enerz Extreme Park

The game is okay, and we all have fun on it. Enerz provide a good place to do everything indoor, also for winner team, there are some small gift to be rewarded. The area can be improved is there’re some game have been broken, a little garbage in the activities area din’t clean up and you can see some crack on trampoline. It might be dangerous if suddenly the trampoline break then will cause an injury. But the overall is good, everything is still in good condition.

After you finish the 4 hours activities, you can still play the other game or you can also go to private room. In the private room, you can do whatever you like, you take a rest, eat and drink or start your another board game.


Dinner at Prawn Valley after TB

After the team building we’re damn hungry, so the plan was buffet! Now is around 5PM, we all the way to Prawn Valley Farm at hulu langat. Don’t worry, it’s halal, here got only chicken and seafood, so you can also see Malay here. It take around 45 minute depend on the traffic, when you reach there is about 6PM.

hulu langat prawn valley fram

The prawn is fresh, and you can catch yourself in the sink.

For the review, the food honestly is very normal only, maybe because the food(ready made food) don’t keep warm. For the seafood is not much choices and only the prawn(from the sink) consider okay. The seafood on the desk is not fresh, so eat only the prawn take from sink.

Environment is semi out door, got rooftop but air not aircond, so it’s actually a bit hot. When the wind swing, the carbon will spread everywhere to the table. Better don’t dress up, simple short pant and t-shirt is best suit. But if you never come here before, it’s a good experience to eat and have fun with a bunch of friends.

Front view



prawn valley fram price RM68 seafood buffet


So this is the whole 1 Day Indoor Team Building Activities i have experience in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I hope it give you some ideas about your team building too. There’re still many activities out there, but consider many aspect such as safety, timing, distance, and budget. We decide to go with this because the activities is indoor, many of our ladies colleague don’t like to expose in the sunshine, also the activities is relatively easy to achieve. Food is halal, so everyone can eat.

So, what do you think? Share with me your thought.

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