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Latest Way to Add Author’s Profile Photo in WordPress Without Gravatar

Latest Way to Add Author's Profile Photo in WordPress Without Gravatar

Do you want to add an author’s profile photo in your WordPress blog? WordPress site display an author’s image using gravatar as their profile photo by default. That made many people upset. But is there any other way to replace the gravatar image in an easier way? There’re many outdated articles showing an outdated information that the plugins have been few months or years without updated or compatible. In this writing, we will show you the latest way to add author’s profile photo in WordPress without gravatar. Before this, let us learn about gravatar.


The idea of Gravatar.

A website should be displaying of a mixture of productive texts and pictures. Notably, for discussions and blog, it’s critical to a person who had composed it.

Nonetheless, as all people tries to adapt as much as the most recent tendencies, we endeavor that will help you out by sending the message of the on-going patterns. And, now we have a brand new development that’s going within the business presently, Gravatar.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of utilizing Gravatar. Listed below are some essential ideas to make use of Gravatar straight away.

Gravatar is a “Globally Recognized Avatar” plugin. You’ll be able to simply showcase your self from weblog to weblog in comment, feedback and blogging creator. All you want is to create an account, add your profile image and await for couple of minutes to recognize your image with an connected e-mail. Sure, this profile image can truly show your branding and reader loyalty.

Advantages Of Utilizing Gravatar:

  • Builds your creator model
  • Redirects guests to similar author blogs
  • Will increase your authority and authenticity
  • Skilled profile image showcase

However, in some instances, a few of your site authors, visitor authors or end users don’t learn about this facility. So, we should show them how to use this nice function of WordPress.


When Do You Want Add An Authors Profile Photo in WordPress?

In the event you run a single author WordPress site, then you possibly can simply use an image widget to add your picture and an about page with extra info.

Then again, for those who run a multi-author WordPress site, then chances are you’ll want to add an author bio box on the bottom of your articles. Author bio field usually show an author’s profile picture, bio, and links to their personal site or social profiles.

By default, most WordPress themes show an author’s gravatar picture as their author picture. Nonetheless, generally an author could not have a gravatar picture or they might not need to use it as an author picture in your site.

Not only that, i’m running a single author blog, but in my case i want to add a custom author for all my guest post, to distinguish my own post and guest post. Because Now i’m accept and welcome guest post, you can find the guide of submit an article. Link inside the guest post will be dofollow(recent offer).

Other WordPress Tutorial:


Add an Authors Profile Picture in WordPress

Very first thing you should do is set up and activate the a plugin call WP User Avatar. In case you might need a guide of how to install a plugin in WordPress.

As you can see my guest post author have no photo and i don’t want to add it from gravatar, because it is too complicated and this is just a guest author.

Latest Way to Add Author's Profile Photo in WordPress Without Gravatar

all users maomaochia

After you have activate the plugins, straight away find the label “Users” and click on “All Users”.

You can see my guest contribution author have no image at all and it look not too good, so that we can maybe add some beautiful or attractive image on that.

So we click in to the contributor profile, we can see on the right hand side, an author box appear. This is the WP User avatar plugins, a very simple and easy use plugins won’t take you so much place or showing labeling.

Because we use many plugins on our website to improve our site functionality but end up too many label showing up, it make our WordPress backend look very messy and i personally don’t like it. And this little avatar plugin only take a small piece of place located inside profile page, that why i really like it, simple enough and done the work.

Have this plugin, now we can add our own photo to the author without using gravatar. Gravatar allow you to add picture from your computer local storage, it also allow you to directly choose from media. So you can find which one you prefer, this is really a good and simple convenient function.

guest post author add photo

By adding author photo, simple choose a image from local or from your WordPress media, once you complate please don’t forgot to “Update User”.

G, PG, R, X we normally choose G suitable for all audience. If your site content need 18+ or above then you may choose other. For more detail you can check it on your WordPress “Settings” > “Discussion”.

Similarly, other author can also upload their own profile picture themselves.



Once you have done to add your author photo, go to your blog post and see the result. This is the outcome when adding a new photo. It make your author block nicer, since this is a guest contribution so i use a graphic icon instead of real person.

add author photo

For some reason, if you want to keep some author using gravatar photo. Just remove the image, and it will fallback to using gravatar image as default.

So, this is the sharing for today, i hope this writing can helped you learn to add author profile picture in some way. Your sharing is also my power of sharing, follow me on WordPress if you have a WordPress account, for receive all latest blog, you follow me on bloglovin.


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