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Home English Articles [Letsencrypt Tutorial] Step by step to install SSL for Free in Cpanel

[Letsencrypt Tutorial] Step by step to install SSL for Free in Cpanel

[Letsencrypt Tutorial] Step by step to install SSL for Free in Cpanel
[Letsencrypt Tutorial] Step by step to install SSL for Free in Cpanel. SSL website ( or https website ) is must better to make trust by visitor, because it look secure and some browser will display an danger signal while browser website without a SSL certificate. Most hosting provider do not provide free SSL certificate in their hosting package, if you want to get an SSL from your hosting company, there are a charge of it and it would be additional cost for you.

However, it’s not expensive, but if you’re still struggle on it then today you are come to the right place! Because i’m also a stingy people who are trying to get everything the best and free. But there are no free lunch in the world. To get a SSL for free, it’s not a impossible task too.

So today, i’m going to share with you a Let’sencrypt Tutorial, Step by step to install SSL for Free in Cpanel for your WordPress Website.

Multisite Install and Renew Letsencrypt Wildcard SSL Free


Step 1: Go to SSL For Free

First you need to go to the free ssl https certificate provider, here we recommend SSLForFree

After that, key in your domain on the below bar. Is domain name not URL remember it, and then click on [Create Free SSL Certificate]

Go to SSL For Free

Step 2: Choose Verify Methods

Here are 3 different verify methods for you to choose, it’s up to you to find the best suit way for you to do the verification.

Here we choose Manual Verification method to do the SSL verification.


Step 3: Upload Verification Files

To complete Manual Verification you need to upload 2 files to your website.

Upload Verification Files

Go to your cpanel – File manager – Your WordPress Folder (it could be public_html if it’s root domain) If you see wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes that mean you are come to the right place.

Now, create a folder called [.well-known]

free-ssl-https-domain-well-knowncpanel file managerfree-ssl-https-domain-acme-challenge

Again, inside the .well-known folder, create another folder called [acme-challenge]

(you can find add new folder on the top bar menu)

Verify SSL Certificatefree-ssl-https-domain-16

Now, you need to download Files #1 and #2 and upload to acme-challenge folder.

(you can find upload on the top bar menu)


Step 4: Verify SSL Certificate

Now you can click on the both link on the 5. to check whether your uploaded files can be reach.

If you can find the files then we can process to the next step by click on [Download SSL Certificate].


Step 5: Install SSL Certificate in Cpanel

Everything is completed, now you just have to install the SSL certificate to your website in cpanel.

Go to your cpanel, find SLL/TLS ( some cpanel might be different but it’s roughly the same )

If you are enter the right page, you can see options like below: Private Keys, Certificate Signing Requests…… and choose Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)

Install SSL Certificate in Cpanel

Install SSL Certificate in Cpanel

Choose the domain you are installing the HTTPS certificate.

Go back to ssl provider website, copy all Certificate, Private Key and CA Bundle content into the right column in cpanel.

free-ssl-https-domain-17free-ssl-https-domain-08Install SSL Certificate in Cpanel


Step 6: Success Install SSL Certificate in WordPress

After copying all the content, click [Install Certificate] and you will see your WordPress website is now active and accessible via HTTPS.

Success Install SSL Certificate in WordPress


Step 7: Renew Letsencrypt HTTPS SSL Certificate

Go back to the site you can now get a notification for the expiration for the SSL certificate, simply create an account ( just have to fill in few info only ), before the ssl expire they will sent you a email to ask you to renew, so you don’t have to make the record yourself.

[Letsencrypt Tutorial] Step by step to install SSL for Free in Cpanelfree-ssl-https-domain-06

If you are multisite website, you can find another Free wildcard ssl domain tutorial here.


The above is today Step by step to install SSL for Free in Cpanel Letsencrypt Tutorial. For people like me don’t want to waste hundred dollor for SSL Certificate, you could try this method to get free SSL yourself.

I hope you like this tutorial and please help us share this. Cheer

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