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Monetize Your Website Make Money with Brave Browser

Monetize Your Website Make Money with Brave Browser

What is Brave Browser ?

Brave is a website browser that block ads and website trackers. The idea is to provide private, secure and fast browsing experience and reduce the cost of viewing unwanted ads by using a innovative payments methods to do automatic contribution to your favorite sites and content creators. Brave blocks the software that follows you around. The “private” browsing mode that others offer is not truly private. Brave’s many privacy features, including “Private Tabs with Tor,” stop trackers and provide a deep level of protection.

The Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile. Which supported in many devices, you could download brave browser for free.

What is Brave Payments?

Through the Brave Payments system you are allowed to donation to content producers that you like anonymously.  To do that is easy, simply create a BAT wallet and add an amount into it. Whenever you visit websites, Brave Payments automatically distributes microdonations based on the time you devote.

Brave Browser VS Google Chrome

The above are brave browser vs firefox vs google chrome speed test video. When come to the browsing speed test, there are many experiment out there. Most the the results show that brave browser is faster than most popular websites. Due to the brave strips off the ads and website tracking feature. Because most of these will be loaded by java script, which make the weight of a website heavy and cause a slow website loading performance, visitor also have to pay more data cellular while browsing the website.

Make Money with Brave Browser

Are you worry about the idea because you’re generating revenue from ads like me? Don’t worry, even the ads will be blocked in brave browser. Brave actually provide another solution for content creators to get contribution from their content.

You’re allow to get contribution from video, resource or article content that you have create in the internet in brave browser. If you are a youtuber that earning from youtube ads, you are able to link your youtube channel to brave browser and received contribution. Or if you are a blogger or website owner that provide free resource in the internet, you’re also able to received some money from there.

The below i will show you step by step how to setup your website to get money contribution in brave browser.

Monetize Your Website with Brave Browser

Create a brave account

First we need to create a brave publisher account. Click on “Get Started”, type your email, and click on the link in the verification email which you’ll received in few seconds later.

Add a Channel

After go through all the process, click “Add Channel” on the top right corner.

add a new channel in brave publisher

Now you’re able to choose what channel you would like to add to the account.

If don’t have a website, you may check out “How To Create A WordPress Website On Bluehost With Free Domain“.

add a website, add a youtube channel, add a twitch channel

Here we choose website, and type the website URL “continue”.

Create a brave account, add a channel

There are two methods to verify you are the website owner. The first one is using trusted file, another one is using DNS records.

brave publisher verification

Here we using trusted file for verification because it’s easy, you may also choose DNS if your prefer the choice.

Brave verify Website

We need to go to your cpanel > file manager, and go to the top level of your website folder. Create a folder call “.well-known”.

verify brave website

Inside the .well-known folder, we need to upload the “brave-payments-verification.txt” verification file.

verify brave website

Which can be downloaded from here.

Or you can create it manually – create a document call “brave-payments-verification.txt”.

Open the brave-payments-verification.txt file, paste the content.

verify brave website

The file content can be copied from here.

After you’ve create the file, click on “verify” and it’s done.


Create Brave payments Uphold Wallet

We need to create a uphold wallet in order to received money contributed from visitors. Click on “Connect to Uphold”.


Input your email, password, country of residence and click “Sign-up & Authorize”.


Next, input your name, username and all information.


Type your number to verify.


You will received a sms, you need to download the Authy apps to do second verification.


Open Authy apps, choose your phone country and number.


Choose SMS methods to get verification. (Easier)


Enter the registration code and it’s done.


Now, key-in the uphold token code in the browser and click “Verify”.


Once you see this, mean you have success.


This is the uphold wallet interface.


Back to brave and F5 refresh, connect uphold wallet and choose a preferred currency you would like to received from your brave fans.


Start monetize your Website/YouTube in Brave and Make Money

Now you have created your uphold wallet and your website have been successfully added into brave to receive contribution. So you can now focus on creating greater content and won’t need to worry about the compensation.


Brave Problem with Verification WordPress Website

Website verification error issue previously. For WordPress website, there is a plugin call “Brave Payments Verification” help you to easily adding the verification code to your website. I’m using a WordPress website and also installed the plugins but eventually can’t get my site verified. I’ve tried verification several times but the error always says “channel could not be verified”.

But today, i finally figure out the problem and that’s how this article is published. And it won’t happen for new publisher. The plugins is no longer useful, simply uninstall it and use the manual methods on the above to get your website verified by brave.

Brave Referral Program

If you are a blogger or website owner, you may consider join into the brave referring program. From referring a new user to using brave browser and maintain a active across a 30 day period, you will received about 5 USD each.


It’s just an opportunities, if you find the compensation from brave is too little compare to your current ads revenue, you may also stop referring it. I hope this article give you another way to monetize your content, because nowadays many people using ads block it might affect your income. Maybe brave is the future kind of content monetizing, who know?

If you like to monetize, but you don’t have a website, you can learn about How I Make Maomaochia.com Professional Blogging Website with only $141.

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