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Move Your Local Pet Shop to Online using Internet

Move Your Local Pet Shop to Online using Internet

Are you struggling how to run your traditional local pet shop in a better way? And make your pet shop attract more customer through the Internet. Today I will share with you some ideas about how to move your local pet shop to Online using Internet.

The current market is not as good as it used to be, because small in competition. Now, no matter what industry, competition is very fierce, with the increasingly developed network. If you still run your local pet shop in the traditional way, you may face a bad business situation.

The traditional way to run a pet shop

The traditional way to run a pet shop is to get some money, open a pet shop, and give a little publicity to nearby people or family and friends to start their own shop. Then in the early stage, relying on the support of some family and friends, slowly waiting for customers to come over, some people may spend some money to do flyer advertisements.

Now in the Internet age, many businesses might open a Facebook page to promote their pet shop, and then attract customers to their store to buy pets, generally do this.

Online pet shop

According to the traditional method, basically it is still doing offline business. However, after COVID-19, the world has undergone tremendous changes, many small companies have closed down, the working lifestyle have shifted from work in company to work from home.

Humans use the Internet more and more frequently, traditional businesses use the Internet for marketing and even sell directly through the Internet is the future trend.

There are many ways of marketing or promotion on the Internet, including advertising, public relations, social media, etc. But today, we will only focus on one way about how to use the Internet to running a profitable pet shop.

First, analyze the pet customer base

If you don’t know who is your customers, you just wasting unnecessary time and money advertising indiscriminately and propagating indiscriminately. In the end, it will only make people feel disgusting. But if you promote your pet-related things to a pet lover today, he will not find you annoying, but rather very interested, because he/she is interested in pets.

So you need to understand your customer base? What pets are you selling, and what they like?

  • Do your customers like pets?
  • Will your customers join the Facebook pet group?
  • Will your customers read pet magazines?
  • Will your customer search for his favorite pet on Google?
  • Will your client look for blogs with pets he likes?

These are the channels where you can find your customers. You need to find this fish pond before you can find the fish.

Attract customers who like pets

After finding out where the customers are, the next step is to attract these pet-loving. So how do you attract them?

If I tell you there is a way to make your business earn 10 times more than it does now, but it needs RM 10,000, do you believe it? Don’t believe!

So, your customers are the same, you suddenly went to a facebook group to send a few photos, open a Facebook page for free and talk about your pet shop. People don’t care what you sell, people who don’t know who you are, why did he want to buy from you?

There are pet shops everywhere. “I don’t know you, why did I want to buy from you?” The question is between the “trust” or “loyalty” .

So in this step, a better way is to, please write down this sentence [selfless dedication]. We can provide value to people before they become out customer. We can remove what people concerns about to get a pet, which is so-called “pain point”. How can you provide value first?

  • They may be afraid that they don’t know how to feed their pets.
  • They may find it troublesome.
  • They may feel that they have no idea if the pet is sick.

Can you solve these problems?

Recommend customers to your pet shop

According to the research, statistics show that before buying anything, people will go to Google to search for various information about this thing. The intention of people using Google search is different from social media. As the result, google search have higher conversion compare to social media.

On social media such as Facebook and instagram, users are mostly watching some interesting things, the intention is to “pass the free time”.

But searching on Google, the intention is actively want to understand something, actively want to find a solution, or a possible solution.

To find your information on Google, first you need to own a website. After that, you can share about your experience about take caring a pet, or some blog people will concerns about (we mentioned above through the website). When customers find your website from google, these customers are your highly target customer.

The client is very happy with your sharing and help. He has learned a lot about the problems he encountered in keeping a pets. The customer trusts you now, and when he needs it, he will definitely ask you the first time.

If you have a website, you can add some recommended products into your blog post, or let these customers follow your Facebook page. In this way, you can increase the number of fb pages follower. If any event, you can also promote directly in the fb page.

Sell online directly thru website

Your customers are slowly increasing. Although there may be only a small number of people who have bought pets with you, but you can continue provide more and more great new products or experiences for people who don’t have a pets.

For people who already own their pets, you can sell various things through the website.

  • pet feed
  • pet toy
  • Pet house
  • clothes for pets
  • and a lot more

These things can be sold directly through the Internet, customers can place orders directly through your website, pay direct, and you deliver to the customer in a day or two. It doesn’t require customers to come over your shop to make a purchase.

Through the Internet, your customer base has expanded. Now you are not only selling to customers near your physical store, you can even sell to the whole country. This is the improvement of traditional pet stores by the Internet and every pet shop owner should have learned.



Today, I mainly share with you how to run your traditional local pet shop using Internet. Of course, there are many things to do. But I believe that as long as you do a good job with what I have shared above, you will definitely see a great progress.

Lastly, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below ~

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