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Home English Articles My Worst Life Experience (That You can get inspiration.)

My Worst Life Experience (That You can get inspiration.)

My Worst Life Experience (That You can get inspiration.)

My Worst Life Experience

I’m Maomao, here to talk about my worst life, and if you are a young man, hope you can learn and get inspiring from my story.

I was addicted in video game when i was child, playing shooting game. The first device i have was gameboy (i have gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advanced and gameboy sp), PlayStation and the last was computer game. The time i start playing computer game was on secondary junior, and i always hangout with friends to cyber cafe because my house don’t have a desktop. When i get my motorcycle driving license, one day i went to cyber cafe playing computer game as usual. After i finish the game, i found that my motorcycle is missing and yet, my motorcycle was stole!

In 2012, i officially entered into University, studied Business in Finance at Help University. I have no ideas about my future at that age of me, the major and university i was randomly selected. I don’t like the other teen, have a great family business waiting for them to carry on. Even they are not so sure, they still can choose the major that related to their family business, because family is always their backup plan. They screw up everything, but the door of their family are always open for them.

And that is it, me and few fellow eventually entered the university and I’ve choose my major in finance. I don’t know is it the subject i really like or interested, but i only know my mathematics and accounting was best scored. My home town is long way to the city I’ve studied, so i can’t came and go back everyday. Oh, i think a point is missing, i have a girlfriend in high school, for some complex reason, we broke up.

The pressures of the first time went to the university, text book are all alphabet, for a Chinese education young man, it’s not easy to catch up in short period of time. The dictionary apps are always on the screen, because our vocabulary are too low. On the exam periods, we studied the whole night and straight to the exam room. In 2012, after i finish my last paper, i straight travel back to my sweet home. And i was noticed to pickup my uncle to the hospital for treatment in the morning. My mental exhaustion, due to the lack of sleep these few day. On the way to the hospital, my eye suddenly close up, and when i woke up, i know i was sent to the hospital but not my uncle. I got an accident.

During the university, i learn so much thing, include playing guitar, piano, learn to design, photography and more. My auntie support me to start my own small t-shirt business, she also encourage me to start my own branded to obtain more market. But in the end, i failed.

After i graduating from school, i’m now step to the working stage, i found a job in Singapore as a inventory supervisor. I can feel the office politics is coming up. However, i have learned how to deal with human affairs and other difficulties and the company also offers a good promotion and opportunities of personal grow. One day, i think i should move faster than here so i accept an invitation to start a business, and i have resign for the job.

I feel like reject a good company is cool, because i don’t think work with company can get rich (but that is not). I go back to my country and start the business with the friend according to the plan. But plan are always a plan, real world are tougher, harder and unpredictable. And guess what’s? The business is died before it’s live.

Alright never mind, but luckily we got a backup plan, to work in another business, by providing website design, development, digital marketing and more. In the couple of hardworking months, I’ve learned so many thing, such as cold calling, digital marketing, website development, how to deal with client and more. We got a big client, the value of the project is about 2 years of a degree graduate salary. I’m not sure is this a good or bad sign, all of us break off due to unfair distribution. I could said it’s all about money and in the end i choose to leave.


After reading my entire life experience, what do you thing yourself? Even better or worst? No matter what, let’s stand up and fight for the future. Never give up and you will find the way out.

P.S. Please forgive my English writing skill, i know it’s worst but if you like, correct me. *This is not the end, my story not yet finish. Wait for next.


After i choose to leave, here is the next.

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