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Use pop-up social proof to increase conversion by TrustyPlus

Website Pop up Message Increase Conversion

Today we going to share how to use pop-up social proof to increase conversion by TrustyPlus. It free and can be integrate immediately. LetÔÇÖs see how.


How to register?

  1. Log in to the official website trustyplus
  2. Click above ŃÇÉRegisterŃÇĹ
  3. Enter the name, email, password, verification code, click [Register]
    Use website pop-ups to improve conversion, visitor interactivity, and trust [TrustyPlus]
  4. Go to the mailbox to activate the account

They provide a 7-day full-featured free trial, and you can continue to use it for free forever after the trial ! If it feels effective, or the website has more traffic, you can upgrade the paid service.


How to upgrade paid service?

Trustyplus service is still reasonable, supporting the companyÔÇÖs small business day less than a dollar ringgit!

I will provide free Coupon here again today! Using this Coupon can directly reduce the discount by 50%! Here I will teach you how to upgrade tursty + website popup to improve conversion.

  1. Login account
  2. Go to Account> Package
  3. Then choose Small BusinessMonthly payment / Annual payment (Annual payment savings
  4. Choose monthly payment / annual payment ( annual payment saves RM35 )
  5. Enter the Discount Code [ MAOMAOCHIA50 ] and you can get a 50% discount !
  6. Choose Paypal / Stripe (Credit or Debit card can choose stripe)
    (Credit or Debit card can choose stripe) PayPal
  7. Enter your email, card number, name, country
  8. Finally click Subscribe Ôťů
    Subscribe to trustyplus stripe payment** Maybank, CIMB, Public bank or other Malaysian bank cards can all use stripe
    and you will see Your new membership will be activated! Such words

    You can see your payment information in payments here

    If you do nÔÇÖt want to use it later, you can also cancel the Cancel Subscription at any time on the account side, which is very safe.

    trustyplus cancel subscription


    How to install Trusty + website popup?

    1. Log in to your account and enter Install Script on the upper right of Dashboard
    2. Copy the Pixel code to your website
    3. Check Check Activity

    Pixel code to your website Check Activity

    CanÔÇÖt find install script: link┬á https://app.trustyplus.com/install

    If you do nÔÇÖt know how to copy the pixel code to your website, read the WordPress website: The second point Use plugin Header & Footer (English translation)


    How to use website popup to improve conversion?

    Here are the steps to use the website popup to improve conversion.

    1. Add a website

    On your Dashboard, click Add New Website, enter a name, and your domain name.

    1. If you want to use trustyplus alone in your Sub-domain, then just write the subdomain name.
    2. If you want the domain name to include subdomains, then fill in the domain name and tick include subdomains.

    Use trustyplus, Add New Website


    2. Create a notification

    Click Create a new notification, and then choose a notification method you want. Because maomaochia is a blog, we chose Live Counter, and you can name it yourself.

    Create a notification-choose a reminder


    3. Set up pop-ups

    In Basic, you can set some information displayed in the pop-up window, which page the customer will go to after clicking, if not, leave it blank. In this way, customers will not jump when they click the pop-up window.

    In Trigger, you can set the circumstances under which this popup will only bounce. It can be on a specific page, when the customer wants to leave the page, it can just show the phone, and so on.

    In the Display, you can display how long the pop-up window will be displayed, the location of the display, the upper right corner or the lower left corner, and so on.

    In Customize, you can choose the shape, color, background, animation, etc. of the pop-up window.

    Set popup maomaochia

    4. Start popup

    When everything is set, remember to start the pop-up window, otherwise this prompt will not be displayed on the website. If there are no problems, then you can see your pop-up popping up on the website. I believe that when you read this article, there will also be a pop-up prompt to jump out, this is the effect.


    Sum up

    Foreign research has proved that using website pop-ups can indeed improve conversion, visitor interactivity and trust, so that visitors can also gain a sense of trust when they come to your website, helping the website improve its operation.

    There are many types of tips in Trustyplus, which are not introduced here one by one. Friends who have a website can go to register for a free account to use.

    If you want to register for a paid package like me, you can use coupon code [ MAOMAOCHIA50 ] to directly deduct 50%!

    The message below tells me your opinion ~


Jorcus June 3, 2020 - 11:29 pm

Thanks share! This is a lot cheaper than useproof. Do you know any difference between this and useproof?

MAL CHIA June 4, 2020 - 11:26 pm

They provide free , actually can use free plan too.

MAL CHIA June 4, 2020 - 11:27 pm

The function for these kind of social proof are quite similar.


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