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Spine Bending Scoliosis Surgery Treatment in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

scoliosis treatment

Spine Bending Scoliosis Surgery Treatment in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

My family facing spine bending problems few year ago. Such a beautiful girl (13 years old) but suffering this problems is what we worry about. Few days ago, we bring her to Kuala Lumpur for Scoliosis Surgery. 3 days later (2/8/17), she discharged of the hospital, surgery was completely success and the spine bending problem to be control.

However, there are few things you may take notes before attending to the treatment. I hope this writing can be a guideline  or reference for people who planning to treatment.

  • Hospital : UMSC
  • Location : UMSC Building, Lot 28, Lorong Universiti, Lembah Pantai, 50603, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Doctor Kwan Mun Keong
  • Cost may different, you have to pay around 50% before go into surgery.

scoliosis treatment in malaysia in Kuala Lumpur


Scoliosis Treatment

Nowadays, many child having this problems and my family is one of the victim. The total cost of my second family on the surgery is around RM35k++. It really depend on the serious conditions, also the cost of surgery will increase and increase over the years. The first family doing the same surgery with same doctor is about 2-3 year before this one, but the cost increase almost double.

I found that many people email me for scoliosis problem, here are some Q&A hope you can get the answer immediately.

Q:May i know how long does your family take for a full recovery?

If you say full recovery i assume they can run and jump is about 4-6 Month. But they can work as normal in about 2-4 week, doctor will talk about it.
Q:Are they fully recovered and back to normal routine now?
Fully recover I can said is depend on the serious level. One of my family is recovered well, because she early go to the doctor and her back look quite flat also. But unfortunate, another one not so good, still look a bit curve shaped.
Q:They still have to go back for check ups once in a while and do necessary exercising?
They do need to go back and check at the beginning for in 1-2 months. After half year then don’t need to go back and check so frequently. 1-2 years maybe the doctor will tell you exactly how long to come back again.
If the back not so serious then really can correct back, but we can’t said 100%. But it can control the scoliosis. There are no significant affect sequela.


Scoliosis Surgery Preparation Instructions

  1. Please inform us if you have any medical illness which you may have forgotten to inform us.
  2. Stop taking the following medication(s) and/or supplement(s) which may/ will prevent the blood from clotting:

  • Ginseng (2 weeks before surgery)
  • Ginko (2 weeks before surgery)
  • Any other medicine(s) that can prevent the blood from clotting i.e. aspirin
  1. Brace treatment to be continued ?

  2. The patient needs to continue with the back exercise to strengthen the back muscles and to make the spine flexible (Kindly refer exercise 1,2 and 3 in the Scoliosis Handbook).

  3. The patient needs to start on some forms of aerobic exercise to improve the cardiovascular status and tone up your limbs muscles i.e. jogging and swimming. During of exercise is depends on patients to patients. Frequency of exercise is preferable daily with a minimum of 2-3 times a week.

  4. The patient needs to be started on multivitamin + iron supplements 6-8 weeks before the operation (You can purchase from a nearby pharmacy).

  5. The operation will be postponed if there is any unforeseen events happen i.e. patient has potential source of infection, examples sore throat, fever, infected pustule/pimple over the back or when there is a hospital logistics issues, for examples malfunctioned of the operation theater air conditioning.

  6. Knowing everything you can about the procedure helps tremendously. You can do some research online (http://www.srs.org/) or contact with someone who actually has undergone the procedure. A list of operated patients’ contacts will be given to you as a reference. If you have any question, please email me (Doctor [email protected]) or you can write down ask discuss during admission.


Home adjustments may be needed upon discharge.

a. Try to get everything in a comfortable reach, i.e. move things form a high cabinet lower.

b. In the shower, try to get a loofah with a long plastic handle so the patient can easily wash their body since they won’t be able to bend much after the surgery. The patient may want to have a shower chair , since it will be very hard to stand for long periods of time after surgery. Just make sure when the patient is taking a shower, they have someone in the bathroom accompany them for first 2 weeks just in case.

c. The patient may want to also get a raised toilet seat, because it will be very hard to sit down or squat at first.

d. when the patient walks around after surgery, especially up and down stairs, have someone there to make sue they don’t fall. The patient may have very poor balance for a while after surgery as their body still has not gotten used to its new position. The patient will be very stiff after surgery and will have to get used to doing things a little differently. on a positive note, they will likely to have great posture!

e. The patient should wear comfortable clothes. Button-down clothes are very useful, as it will be hard to life their arms over their head initially.

f. Try to get a shoehorn ready to help them to put on their shoes easily.

g. For the ride home after discharging from hospital, the patient will prefer to lie down just beside the driver seat. Make sure they have plenty of pillows to provide proper padding. Right after surgery, the patient will be very sensitive to every bump on the road.

In conclusion, i recommend Doctor Kwan for scoliosis surgery in Malaysia. Doctor have more than thousand patient, we also met Indonesian came here for surgery. I have three family member having serious spine bending problems. This is our second family member having scoliosis surgery with this doctor. He is kind and really help us a lot before and during the surgery. Last, i hope it was a helpful information or recommendation for you no matter you are looking for scoliosis surgery doctor or you already in the operation. Wish everybody have a strong and healthy body.

Welcome to MAOMAO Blog, and thank you for reading this writing.
If you have any questions, you can comments below, find me on facebook, instagram or whatever any way. I really like to hear from you.

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