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How to translate your website to multilingual (92 Language)

How to translate your website to multilingual (92 Language)

Translate your website to multilingual.

The wordpress tutorial today is “How to translate your website to multilingual”. I living in a multiracial country, and around 95% of people communicate using 3 major languages. Translate my website to multilingual is crucial because i want to maximize the content to be reached people as much as possible. For a business purpose or participating, is better to translate your content or language into multilingual to make your work more efficient. According to the experiment from quicksprout.com “How I Increased My Search Traffic by 47% from Translating My Blog into 82 Languages” shown that translate your content into multilingual have a benefit to increase your website traffic. So that is the reason you should try to make your website in multilingual.

However, this is not an easy job to translate all your content to many other languages. Especially translate into 82 languages it would break your bank and brain. I know how struggle about this work, that why i write this post to share with you some useful translation plugin and trick to translate your website no matter a small site or big site, 2 language or 82 language. So let’s get start.

There are several free plugins in WordPress. All of the translation plugins have their own pros and cons. So just see which is suitable for you and make you feel good while using.



This translation plugin is very famous in WordPress. You can translate your website manually and accurately into multilingual. The difficult things is, it’s hard to translate into many language or a huge website. Because the work flow is you have to create a new page for every language you have. If your website have 5 pages, you want to make it in 2 languages, then you have to create another 5 pages in other language. This is time consuming if you have many page and want to translate into many language. Recommend:

  • Suitable for small site which have less than 10 pages.
  • Translate into 2-4 languages.

Download Polylang



This translation plugin including the work flow are all similar to Polylang. So this is also time consuming if you want to translate your into many language. However, this is a paid plugins which support many premium function, extra options and settings compare to Polylang.

  • Suitable for small site which have less than 10 pages.
  • Translate into 2-5 languages.
  • If you like premium plugins and support.

Buy Premium WPML

Loco Translate

Loco translate

Loco translate allow you to translate your wordpress plugins and themes. If you want to make wordpress themes or plugins to another language, loco translate is the best choice.

  • Translate plugins or themes

Find loco translate



This is the most user friendly multilingual translate plugins for me. Why i like transposh? Because it’s auto translate. There are many article said auto translate are bad, the language translated is not accurate and lead to misunderstanding. Yes, they are right. If you want to invest thousand dollar to find a translator to your website into 92 language then that is actually the best approaches. However, transposh offer 0 cost to make your website into 92 languages. You should take only less then 20 minute to make your whole website into 92 multilingual website. Is there any other best deal ? I have translate my MuarMalaysia.com website into 92 languages. The performing is well and i’d love the quick and easy process. Beside auto translate by google, bing and baidu, it also allow you to translate manually if you think that is not the correct translation, and the translation process is just right on the front end. Good for:

  • Suitable for large site which have more than 10 pages.
  • Best for translate into more than 5 languages.

Get Free transposh

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How to Translate Website into multilingual using Transposh.

Here is come with the step by step setup and tutorial to show you how i translate my website into 92 languages using Transposh multilingual plugins.

Step 1. Download Transposh Multilingual Plugin

You can download transposh plugin in wordpress, don’t worry about the old version of the plugins. Next step we will need to update to the latest version.

Step 2. Upgrade to Full Version

Once you have download, activate it and go to settings click allow upgrading to full version.


Go to [Dashboard] > [Updates], click on the latest transposh plugin and update it.

Step 3. Settings

Once you have complete upgrade to the latest version. Now setup the setting, you could exactly follow the setting i have use or you can also change to your favor.

  • Allow translation of permalinks and urls is better for SEO
  • Add scripts to footer to improve your pages speed performance.
  • Auto detect language for users is not good because the plugin automatically sends people to a translated version when it shouldn’t. It’s not good..

Once you have done the settings, remember to click the [Save changes] button on the below and process to the next steps.

 transposh setting transposh settings

Step 4. Translate your website to multilingual

Let begin with few language to translate. The reason is because if you select them all in one go, however, the plugin fall, freezes up your browser, and some of your pages and blog’s posts won’t get translated. For this reason, we should start with few language probably less than 10.

 transposh language

After selection clicking [Save changes] and go to [Utilities], and click [Translate all now]. If you have a big blog, it’s going to take couple of hours. If you are a small blogs then the process will be faster.

 transposh settings

After this process is over, again to select another 10 more languages, and then repeat the process again. Keep doing this until you get to all of the languages.

 transposh translate your website to multilingual 92 language

Important note that when you publish a new pages or blog posts, you won’t have to repeat these steps as the plugin will do it automatically, but you will need to repeat the process for older posts.

Step 5. Display Transposh

You can go to [Appearance] > [widgets] to show your language switcher, there are few options of style for you to choose.

transposh widgets

Step 6. Complete Multilingual

Once you have done, you can see the language i have choose have been show on my MuarMalaysia.com page. Your result are most likely like this.

muarmalaysia transposh translate your website to multilingual


If you are not happy with the translation, you can manually translate it on the front end. To start translate you need to change to a language and click on the little box right at the bottom call [çŒ–ćˆ¶çż»èŻ‘] in Chinese.

muarmalaysia transposh translate your website to multilingual


Transposh are still an under developing plugin which is very powerful. I really like it and if you are too, you can donate them or featured them. And let the development team continue to develop this great plugin. I hope this sharing could help you in your multilingual website.

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