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How To Use Instagram And Increase Follower 2018 Complete Guide

How To Use Instagram And Increase Follower unfollow 2018 Complete Guide maomao maomaochia

This posts will share with you How To Use Instagram And Increase Follower easy trick and fast way in 2018 the complete guide. I will also reveal the limit of follow, comment and like for each days to prevent you Instagram account over following or commenting are being banned. More over, i will also share with you some trick on how to get more follower on your Instagram accounts. But don’t worry, i won’t tell you the stupid answers like use hashtag, reply your audience, or share beautiful images. I will share with you what’s the real important things that why you/we want to get more follower and how i could help us on many aspects.

Why NOT to buy Instagram Followers?

Many new brand, company, celebrity or internet influence so called “red people” know the trick of buying Instagram follower. Because the number of followers is somethings that user look at an account to follow. Of course, everybody know quality better than quantity, but in real world people judge a social media account by numbers of it. On the other hand, the incentive by the Instagram follower seller giving every possible reason to make people to prove them right.

Imagine you hire a social media influencer to help promote your brand. After the campaign end, you seeing no traffic drive to your brand and found that the majority of what you thought were dedicated fans are really bots. Would you ever want to work with that influencer again?

The most value for your business rather than 10,000 followers is 100 real followers who will comment, like and share your content to their networks.

Do you know how does Buying Instagram Followers Works?

Here to note that the term of buying Instagram Followers are different with Instagram Automation (auto follow tools). Instagram Automation is be refer like deploy a bot to do follow and unfollow action on your behalf, you can save the time by doing these repeat work. Here to said buying Instagram is that seller created many account which have taken by bots to do following. Those services are as cheap as 1000 follower only $3 up to $1000 for 10,000 so call “real followers” used to maintain active account.

Experiment of Buying Follower that Are Not Work

Doing the experiment to test whether buying Instagram follower can increase account engagement. Hootsuite blog conduct this experiment by buying 1000 “quality” follower for $9.95. As they said “we had 412 new fans in just 2 hours and until the next days surpassed 1,000 followers”. According to hootsuite the huge success of getting follower as a results until a month later, no follower engagement whatsoever.

How To Use Instagram And Increase Follower unfollow 2018 Complete Guide maomao maomaochia

How to Get More Followers?

This is not the fresh question on google. You can find many white and black methods on google, from the classic answers to directly buy followers. But buying followers is definitely not the good way if you truly want to grow your Instagram follower that bring results to your business. However, the conventional methods like schedule your post, use hashtag, create a themes and all that seen to required a lot of work and too time consuming even though it’s works.

Thus, comment, like and follow the same interest of people is the way. Search hashtag for the keyword in your niche, giving positive and useful comments on the posts like “Nice pic, does the taste good?” instead of “Cool!”. While you have nothing to said on the posts, you can push a like button to show your support. Follow people that are interest on your niche, many people will follow you back, win win situation.

Even though this is the most easy way to get followers, i know you’re still feel this is a time consuming work. That is how manually auto follow came out.

Manual Instagram Auto follow

Doing Instagram follow, unfollow, comment and like manually can get you the best results on get more follow, because you can control the works, every target user and frequency of activities which follower seller may not provide. But i know this is a boring works which required long time doing the same things.

There are many Instagram auto follower services available, but how do you know they are not driving zombie bots for you? Many of them even not required your Instagram account, so how do they doing the follow and unfollow work on your behalf?

One way is to hire somebody time, and ask them to do the work for you. You can buy people time easily from fiverr at a price from $5 as a virtual assistant. Or you can also find manual Instagram follow services in fiverr, because you can easily check out the reviews. If the service provider offer a bad service, buyer will share their experience on review.

manage-to-grow-your-instagram fiverr manage instagram

*Register a fiverr account here.

Auto follow People on Instagram

Some people may want to do it themselves, here i have a machine that will do the stupid follow work. All you have to do is to control who’s your niche user and ask the machine to follow their followers. Everything is on your control, you can limit the speed and control the real user to follow.

Free download Instagram Auto follow

instagram auto follow

If you need the auto unfollow machine for Instagram. You can find from here. Just buy me a cup of coffee. I’m appreciate!

How To Use Instagram And Increase Follower unfollow 2018 Complete Guide maomao maomaochia

New Rules Instagram Limit 2018 (follow, like, comment, hashtag)

There is no actual limit number for account activities (follow, like, comment, hashtag). The real factors are Age of Instagram account, account engagement, actively use, and the size of followers. In other words, an account in less than 3 months consider a new account, and Instagram bot will look at their engagement to ensure no unusual activities. The recommend number below are some reference based on personal experience and research.

Follow limit

Follow limit on Instagram is 350 per days, which is based on the year of account, if old account can do over 1000 follow per days. Here to noted that while doing mass following, try don’t do commenting or like any picture that will increase the risk of begin banned and fail to increase follower.

Like limit

Instagram like limit is 350 per hours. If you are an new account, try don’t go too frequent to protect your account begin banned. The answer is depends on the year of account, older account can perform more activities, some people can perform like up to 1400+ in a days, that is carry. But if you’re not using any marketing tools, you are also very difficult to reach that number. To be safe, don’t rush start from 500 like per days and increase 50 likes per 2-4 days.

Tag limit

Number of Tags in an Instagram Photo is 30 each posts, you cannot get over the limit until 1 months after. Use tags that are less famous because the change of getting featured is higher. For example, using “travelbloginnewyork” instead of “blog”, because the tag “blog” is too broad.

Comment limit

Comment limit is 250 per days, however old account can goes more comment. Writing positive and useful comments on the posts like “Great pic, does the feel good?” instead of “Nice!” the change of engagement will be higher and you are more likely to get follow.

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