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Write For Us Your Guest Post | Submit an Article

Write For Us Your Guest Post | Submit an Article

Would you like to share your ideas with me and our audiences? Don’t wait, write for us by submit an article at the bottom and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Maomaochia.com is now accepts and welcomes guest post.

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Why Contribute Guest Post in Maomaochia.com?


You can promote your business, service, tools or platform in our guest post. Write an guide to show how your services can help our audience and improve that current situation.

New Reader

While guest post in Maomaochia.com, your writing will reach out to community members in Maomaochia. It make an opportunities to expose you to new reader and lead them to visit your site or business.

Profile building

For contributor, we’re negotiable to place your author byline, profile photo, link and information at the bottom of your post instead of “Guest Contribution”.


Google loves backlinks. The more backlinks you get from great sites the better your site will be rank in google search results. Maomaochia.com is approved by search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo), we constantly update our site, it make our site get index faster.

Fast Traffic Growing

Maomaochia.com is now growing fast.

  • Visitor: Two Months ago. 1000/mo
  • Visitor: Now (Updated July 2018). 4000/mo
  • Cost: FREE Recently (Best to take advantage now)
  • Potential Charges in future


Promote your site, doing backlink. What Type of Content Our Audience Love ?

What Type of Content Our Audience Love ?

This blog’s talk about Internet stuff and finance related subject such as “how to build your own website“, “how-to make money online“, “BiGPAY, The Malaysia Wechat Wallet” and “boost your Instagram follower“.

We accept the guide cover all level from beginner to advanced level. The content must be original and provide direct value to our audiences. In short:

  • Quality post that should be a minimum of 500 words with less grammar mistake and cover the topic in detail, no duplicate content.
  • Screenshot + video is better reading experience for our audience. Embed an image or video is compulsory unless there is not necessary.
  • Copyright is what we concern. We respect everyone contribution but to avoid rolling in to law issue, be careful of using resource from somewhere else on the internet.
  • Dofollow backlink to your site is accepted, we want to share the link juice with our contributor. But nofollow will be tagged for linking to other site to prevent negative impact of our site.
  • Article topic that we accept for the categories below:
    1. WordPress (plugins, themes, how-to guide).
    2. Make money online.
    3. Social media or online marketing.
    4. Case studies.
    5. Tools, software, platform, new tech.
    5. Finance (save/earn money, investment, bitcoin, etc)
    6. Design (Web, graphics)
    7. Photography, videography (tips, tutorial, hack)

*To submit Chinese guest post please find the guide here.


Write For Us Your Guest Post.

We don’t set a high restrict for doing guest post in Maomaochia.com. Even you are a 3 months newbie blogger, i will also guide you to reach our minimum requirement. So, don’t worry, as long as you have 500 words, submit an article for us and i will contact with you in 24 hours.

Avoid in the email:

*Do Not send link for your article guest post. (Most spammer do this)

To submit an article, i have made it easy for you by sent us from the contact form below. Or you can email me to buildwith@maomaochia.com.

Subject: Guest post

Your Message: Hi MaoMao, i would like to doing guest post on your blog. The title are “How to make money in home.”. Let me know your ideas. Sam

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